Tuesday Twitter roundup

Going out with a bang:

People will be saying nice things and some not-so-nice things about her in the days ahead, but her time leading UNC-CH has to have been a near-constant nightmare. Thank you.

Sorry, that explanation might have flown two years ago, before Trump actively obstructed the probe and before all the evidence was squeezed out of his corrupt cronies. We don't need to ask "what if?" anymore...

And before you say it, no, there won't be a special election:

Nix said executive committee members of the Lenoir County and Wayne County GOP Party will meet and form a combined executive committee to vote on a replacement for Pate, maybe by the end of the month.

A weighted voting system will be used by the planning organization of the N.C. GOP Party since Lenoir County has on 29 percent of the vote and Wayne County has 71 percent of the vote because there is a larger Republican Party in Wayne County, Nix said.

The weighted voting system is used when all voters do not have the same influence over the outcome of an election. Instead votes of different voters are given different weight.

And before you ask, no, I have no idea WTF any of that means, either.

Guess what, Einstein? Deficits which lead to more debt are being supercharged by your Republican pals, since they decided to cut $1.5 Trillion in taxes paid by the wealthy and corporations. We know exactly what caused this problem, so before you and Civitas start trying to "solve" this puzzle, go into a closet and suck eggs.

That's just fantastic. What's the point in having an effective automated system to renew EBT cards, if there's no grocery stores that can accept them? Nevermind, I know what the point is, it's to make as many people suffer as possible, all because a toddler-tyrant wants a fricking wall. And every tyrant has his loyal idiot followers:

Ted Budd doesn't "represent" anybody but himself, which is why he loves venues like conservative talk radio. Makes professional wrestling seem legit in comparison.

No, it's not déjà vu you're feeling. John Hood actually has written almost that exact same thing every two years for the last couple decades...

Lol! That could totally be a quote from Tim Peck himself, that misogynistic InCel wannabe political consultant. Loud women scare him, quiet women scare him, artistic renderings of women scare him. It must be a difficult life.

On that hand-over-mouth suppressed-chuckle note, here's your Onion:

That is true...




Just like his recent top ten political consultants thingie, this is merely a round-up of mostly Republican sites, including such painfully useless ones such as Pete Kaliner and Pat fucking McCrory.

Folks, please don't share anything from Longleaf Politics, no matter how "catchy" the headline is.

Another Art Pope ...

... funded promotional effort?

It's possible, but I've yet to find

any connections other than the nature of the content. Film at eleven.

Of course ....

... Pope can always funnel money to these things through shell companies/foundations and such that aren't as well known as his other efforts. But the tone of the content does sound very similar, doesn't it?

Yeah, more and more as time goes by,

and this particular article could have been taken right off Civitas or JLF:

The next frontier in state corporate tax reform is the NC franchise tax

Since gaining a majority of the General Assembly in 2011, North Carolina Republicans have succeeded in steadily cutting the corporate tax rate.

Today, North Carolina’s 3% corporate tax rate is among the lowest in the United States. And the state has been richly rewarded for that — with a slew of economic development announcements and the Forbes “Best State for Business” designation two years running.

So what’s the next frontier in business tax reform? The NC franchise tax, most likely.

While this tax isn’t widely understood, it can make a huge impact especially on small to mid-size businesses. And some of North Carolina’s most powerful business groups want to put this on the General Assembly’s radar this year.

Blah blah blah...

Time for some technology...

Perhaps someone with more tech savvy interests than me can track this down, but I recall that there was some kind of open source app or software released, maybe around 2013, that could analyze different texts and determine which ones were written by the same authors based on sentence structure, word choices and the like.

It would be very curious to run this on several right-wing sites like Longleaf, Civitas, etc.