Dan Forest blabbers on about God and morality at Christian school


Oh where did I put those anti-nausea pills?

“So when you go off the college and a professor immediately confronts you with this idea about God and says to you ‘God does not exist. Prove that he exists.’ And the first response from any student is to go ‘Well, I don’t know how to prove that, so God must not exist, so I’m just going to be quiet and go over into the corner and I will allow this professor to say whatever he wants,’” Forest said. “You need to be able to stand up in that class and say ‘Professor, you prove that God doesn’t exist.’”

Forest said college professors and “everybody else in the world” is trying to put the burden of proof on the students for their beliefs and “you need to be able to defend what you need to defend.”

Okay, aside from the fact the vast majority of professors don't and wouldn't confront a student in such a fashion, and that whole meme is straight out of a demented pastor's sermon, that is not how science works. At all. And that's not how education, especially higher education, works either. The goal is to jumpstart the critical thinking skills of students, not reinforce the idea they already know everything they need to know. But the most telling aspect of Forest's mind-numbing address to students is about government:

“If you look at America today, you have got to look at the challenges that face our country,” Forest said. “I think there is a broader platform that we need to discuss and that generally is related to morality in America. Our greatest challenge in America is a lack of morality. Our greatest challenge is that America has turned its back on God.”

Forest, 51, told the students that he had been a more religious person for the last 22 years of his life.

“America was founded on basic founding principles that all focus back to God and the foundation of our country is established on God’s truths and absolute truths being what it is about,” Forest said. “So we live in a culture today that is about relative truth. People say ‘Well, that ain’t true for you, but it’s not true for me.’ Or ‘That absolutely can’t be true for everybody all the time, so it must not be true at all.’ Reality is that there is such a thing as absolute truth and it is important to know.”

Forest said the country is “in a battle right now over truth and that truth is based on God’s word and morality.”

That's mostly word salad, but even the dimmest bulb in that audience should have immediately thought of Donald Trump when he brought up morality and truth. Because Trump is neither moral or truthful, not even the tiniest bit of either. And religious leaders are completely failing their followers by not only refusing to recognize Trump's shortfalls, but by blindly supporting him, too. They don't realize it, but that logical disconnect is the biggest threat to their faith that exists.



Dan Forest

Turning straw men into scare crows since before Christ was born?

The nerve of that guy to whine about the lack of truth-telling, while supporting the lying POS in the White House. Now that's what I call shameless hypocrisy.

What was too stupid to even mention

in the above was his answer to a student's question about what he liked best about his job. It was of course "talking to students," because Dan has mastered the art of pandering to his audience. If he was in a pet store it would be "talking to hamsters."

I just can't with this guy.