Court rules NCGA actions related to two amendments VOID

I don't know if I read this right, but dang. It's big news.

The Wake County Superior Court just ruled that two amendments passed in November, Voter ID and Tax Cap, are INVALID. The Court ruled the NC Legislature was not legally constituted (because of gerrymandering) and its actions on these two amendments should be voided.

This is amazing. I'll try to attach the ruling.

Here you go!

It appears that the ruling hinges on the margin by which the amendments passed in the General Assembly. These two were super close, and reflect and outcome that doesn't represent the will of the people, because of gerrymandering.



I read it...

And it looks like you're correct, those two amendments that were approved by the voters are now void.

I'm sure it will be appealed, but it's pretty strong.

I read it ...

The reasoning applies narrowly to laws passed in a certain window (when the legislature was ruled as not properly representative) and which required a super majority vote as do the amendments. So ..

I would think this opens the door for challenges of the other amendments, and of any other legislative action (like veto overrides?!?!) taken in the same window, requiring the same level of votes which are in the may not be representative area?

And of course requiring a person/organization with standing and cause ...

Not a lawyer, but is this logic unsound?

Makes sense to me

The "standing" issue is an interesting one. You'd think any citizen would have standing ... in the interest of good governance ... but I'm guessing it's more complicated than that.