Name this politician

I'm a policy wonk and consider that a good thing.

I think a lot about what government can do, and what it should do.

No matter what it does, however, government should be fair and competent.

I'm not your charismatic pretty face and I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

My accent gets more apparent the farther east I travel.

North Carolina used to be on a pretty good track. Things weren't perfect, but we were mostly headed in a reasonable direction. Today, I'm doing everything I can to get us back on that track. By respecting teachers. By expanding Medicaid. And by making sure our cities and our rural roots can flourish together.

I'm not a big risk taker, and I don't think politicians should be. We're supposed to be stewards of public resources. Radical change is rarely necessary or desirable.

I believe in law and order.

Who am I?



It's got to be Roy

I like him a lot, and he has (pleasantly) surprised me with his efforts on Climate Change and Medicaid expansion, just to name a few.

I might vote for him in the next primary race ...

... if he can consistently learn to say the words "gay", "lesbian", "trans", or "LGBT" without looking nauseous in front of the cameras. And if he apologizes for his HB2 "compromise".

NC needs Roy to win

Taliban Dan would be the end of freedom for liberal citizens. He scares me.