Tuesday Twitter roundup

And now it's officially 6-1:

Cue the incoherent whining....

I don't want to step on any toes a la Pat McCrory, but that's kind of a stupid question. If the SBOE had hinged their investigation on vote count totals alone, as opposed to judging the integrity of the election as a whole, Harris would have probably snuck by and been certified. Logical leaps like this may feel good, but they're not really productive.

Uggh. Just seeing Dan Forest beside Roy is enough to raise my blood pressure to dangerous levels...

Because the NC GOP are predominantly white men, and really don't give a shit if one (or a dozen) of their faithful sheep is a psychotic wife-stalker. Not even on their radar.

There's hope for West Virginia yet:

Minutes ago, the West Virginia Legislature adjourned for 2019 without sending guns on campus legislation to the Governor for his signature. HB 2519, a bill that just days ago passed the House of Delegates and looked like it would make its way to the Governor’s desk was defeated in Senate Judiciary with bipartisanship opposition. HB 2519 would have forced West Virginia’s public colleges and universities to allow hidden, loaded handguns on many parts of its campuses, while also being the first state to allow 18 year olds to carry.

The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus released the following statement in connection with the demise of guns on campus legislation:

“First and foremost, tonight’s victory is a victory for the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors at all of West Virginia’s public colleges and universities. Second, the defeat of HB 2519 upholds the vital concept of local control by the state’s higher education system to restrict the carrying of loaded, concealed handguns.

“It is important to note that HB 2519 would not have been defeated but for the strong advocacy work lead by the students and included the joint efforts of these groups in which The Campaign had the privilege of working with: Presidents of state universities (Concord, Fairmont, and Marshall), Our Children Our Future, West Virginia Citizen Action Group, American Friends Service Committee, West Virginia NASW, faculty members (Marshall, Concord, Fairmont, and WVU) Moms Demand Action, and Student Government Associations (Bluefield State College, Concord University, Glenville State College, Marshall University, West Virginia University, WVU Institute of Technology).

“We also want to recognize the efforts by Delegates in the House who spoke forcefully in opposition to HB 2519 as they worked tirelessly to stop the bill from leaving the House. No doubt, their staunch opposition, coupled with the advocacy of the aforementioned groups and West Virginian citizens, helped convince a bipartisan group of Senate Judiciary members that West Virginia’s campuses are already safe.

That should read, "led by students..." Past participle. Also: Congratulations!

Right, right. I'm sure Pat McToestepper or (dog help us) Little Danny Forestfire would jump right up and nominate a Democrat. Berger is the very last person to be slinging around that hyper-partisan accusation.

See, now that's how a mature conservative handles information like this, with grace and dignity.

And the General Assembly needs to pass that extension with the quickness, or be ready to explain to college students why they can't vote.

Mark your calendars, folks. This is my biennial "agree with John" entry...

Nope. Just nope.

93 Trillion? Dude must have been smoking some of the good stuff. Didn't he used to be a financial consultant or something? I wouldn't let him balance my damn checkbook...

On that silly note, here's your Onion:

Just wait, she'll discover the games pretty soon...



Update from David...

GOP motto: "Find something that doesn't work, then stick with it."