Pete for America

Dear Blue NC Friends,

I'm writing in the hopes that you'll throw some support towards helping make sure Pete Buttigieg's voice continues to shape the 2020 campaign landscape. If you haven't heard of him, he's a veteran, Rhodes scholar, millennial, openly gay mayor from the Midwest. He's got some big ideas and progressive ideas and knows how to communicate them. And his presence alone is reshaping the debate and changing what kind of questions the media are asking about intergenerational justice, where climate change will be when he's the age of the current president, and about issues facing LGBTQ Americans. One of his campaign's chief goals is building their total number of campaign donors. Towards that end, I am asking, if you want his voice to be in the mix too, then give a small donation (literally even $1 or $3 dollars) here using my personalized grassroots fundraising link.

It's great if you want to give more. And it's great if you want to share that personalized link of mine with others. But at this low dollar amount, the ask is really will you take the time to click through it online. As of my writing this I'm trying to get 8 more donations to hit my goal by the end of March. You may have other top choices in the primary. That's fine. I do too. But I want him in the race, and each extra dollar for him goes a lot longer proportionally than to those who are already in the millions of dollars raised. Thanks for considering!

And for fun, here are a few photos from his campaign rally in Rock Hill, SC (just outside of Charlotte) earlier this evening.



What it really means to support this campaign

Ted and I happened to sit down beside a early 20s-something couple from Greensboro at the Pete for America rally on Saturday. And one of the guys got interviewed about why he and his boyfriend were supporting Mayor Pete.

And I've got to think, that somewhere an LGBTQ person who might be closeted, or recently out, or maybe feeling isolated in a rural community is going to see that. And each additional day Pete is running, the more times that kind of thing is going to happen.

Please give even $1 through my personal grassroots fundraising link below and, win or lose, help add some days to this campaign if you haven't given already. I'm only 6 more donors from the goal the team set for me to hit by the end of March. I hope you'll be a part of that!

Only 3 to go!

I don't know if anyone reading this pitched in or not. I can't see names, only whether more people donated or not. And I have moved closer to that goal, so thank you if you did or are planning too!

While I could make a case that a small underdog campaign like this can really use the money before the end of quarter reporting period ends at the end of this week, instead I'll just mention if 3 more people pitch in, even $1 each, I'll get an official Boot-Edge-Edge campaign sticker! :P