Trump campaign is really worried about North Carolina

Because huge voter turnout is frightening, apparently:

Internally, the Trump campaign is increasingly worried that the president's chances of winning North Carolina, a state the team has heavily invested in and views as essential for Trump's path to victory, has all but evaporated. The campaign had viewed the state as "super safe" as recently as just a few weeks ago, sources told ABC News.

Advisers now fear that, because the state counts and reports both day-of and mail-in votes together on election night, losing North Carolina could be a clear white flag.

In other words, counting all the votes is a bad sign for them. As the stink of desperation settles over the Trump family, they are showing up in NC daily. Donald Jr today, Ivanka tomorrow, and the Orange Satan himself on Wednesday:

Ivanka Trump will host a campaign event in Wake County Tuesday. She will deliver remarks at a "Make America Great Again" rally in Raleigh at 5 p.m.

"I'm excited to be back in the Tar Heel State to spread the President's message of resilience and prosperity for the country in the years ahead," Trump said. "Now more than ever, North Carolinians know that President Trump is the fighter they need in the White House for the next four years!"

The campaign is a part of the battleground campaign stops during early voting in North Carolina.

This stop comes less than one week after President Donald Trump's last campaign stop to North Carolina, when he traveled to Greenville on the first day of early voting. The president is also campaigning in North Carolina on Wednesday.

Donald Trump Jr. will host a campaign event in Kernersville Monday.

What about Tiffany? Just kidding. That is way too many Trumps already...



Yes, I am inordinately pleased

to be able to post another Tiny Trump picture. It's the simple pleasures in life that are so rewarding...