Tarheel Taliban: Mark Robinson to attend Christo-Fascist gathering

NC's biggest mistake is getting bigger:

New Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is, like his predecessor Dan Forest, no stranger to controversy. Next month he’ll be proving it again, following in Forest’s footsteps as a keynote speaker for a North Carolina Renewal Project event in Raleigh.

As Policy Watch reported in 2019, the American Renewal Project holds similar expense-paid private events across the country for “church and ministry leaders, and their spouses.” Its goal, as stated by founder David Lane, is to “engage the church in a culture war for religious liberty, to restore America to our Judeo-Christian heritage and to re-establish a Christian culture.”

This isn't just some sort of fringe group waving brochures from a street corner; they are actively (and successfully) engaging in a political jihad to take over the government. Not only is a woman's right to choose at stake, but LGBTQ folks are particularly in their cross-hairs:

In June 2013, Lane wrote an essay titled “Wage War to Restore Christian America” that was posted at the conspiracist and anti-LGBT site World Net Daily (WND) in which he employed decidedly martial rhetoric, calling on Christians to be “retrained to war for the Soul of America, and quit believing the fabricated whopper of the ‘Separation of Church and State…’” as well as hinted at Christian martyrdom to stop same-sex marriage. “America’s survival is at stake,” he wrote, “and this is not tall talk or exaggeration.” The essay was yanked from the WND site soon after it went up after bloggers called attention to it.

“Let’s make it crystal clear: Those who embrace homosexual marriage and homosexual Scouting – or homosexuality in general – know little and practice nothing of Christianity.” – “Wage War to Restore a Christian Nation,” World Net Daily, 6/5/2013

Lane spends most of his time criss-crossing the country forming local coalitions and acquiring outside financing to hold pastor conferences which, he said in 2011, have largely been paid for by the AFA. He has also been called in as a weapon for the right, helping in special-issue campaigns like the successful 2010 unseating of three Iowa state supreme court justices who upheld gay marriage in that state. Republican leaders and pastors call Lane the mastermind of that campaign.

Considering the behavior of Mark Robinson so far, I have no doubt he is going to rant and rave as much (or more) than other speakers at this event. Whether or not the state's mainstream media chooses to cover that is a question, though. But if I can find a decent video, we'll cover it here.



As you can see from the image,

they use fear in any form they can to promote their efforts to turn our country into a theocracy. That can be interpreted a couple of different ways: "If we don't change we'll all die" or "If you don't change we will kill you."

As far as these nutters are concerned, both interpretations are valid.

Mark "Baby Doc Jr." Robinson

Mark "Baby Doc Jr." Robinson gives me the impression that he wants to be a sideshow act and cares nothing about North Carolina. He has done nothing since he was sworn in except cry and scream about how he's right about everything and how anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. How people voted for this fake is beyond me. Then again P.T. Barnum did say "There's a sucker born every minute." He will be worse that his predecessor by a huge margin.