What is going on with Tricia Cotham?

Not getting the job done.


“Not getting the job done" is the perfect phrase for this ethical collapse by Cotham. She was hired by a majority of voters in her district with the expectation of representing them. She's not doing that job.




The other Democrats included Reps. Cecil Brockman from Guilford County and Michael Wray of Halifax County, who voted for the bill when it first passed the N.C. House. Brockman said he was in the urgent care Wednesday morning and Wray said he had a family emergency, the News & Observer reported.

Disappointing for sure

I'm so angry about the ethical blur that allowed all of this to happen. It's deception of the highest order, such narcissism.

Cotham switching parties.

I guess you saw today's news: Tricia Cotham is expected to announce in the morning that she is changing her voter registration and will become a republican.....
That will give republicans a veto-proof majority in the house.
Extremely disappointing.

Yeah. Not happy, to say the least.

And it pisses me off even more to see people blaming Dems who gave her a hard time about the Veto. She's been (apparently) in talks with some Republicans for weeks about a party change, so it ain't got a damn thing to do with people being mean to her.

Serenity now...

Moore's other girlfriends

It that's the case, then perhaps someone might want to have a heart-to-heart with Moore's girlfriend that was given a hand-picked high-paying job as an attorney for the NC Dept. of Insurance in 2017. What happened to her? Did Moore dump her once he got what he needed from that office?

I knew that Moore was corrupt, but never saw him as a literal whore for the NC GOP, but I'm rethinking that assessment.

The thing about rumors

I don't know Cotham, Moore, et. al. I just know that lots of people who DO know them are talking about them.

I've also learned that persistent rumors sometimes prove true.

Keith Oberman on Twitter

Keith Oberman mentioned on Twitter that Cotham's party switch might be a good basis for the NC Democratic Party and her donors to sue for fraud.

I keep hearing persistent rumors that Cotham was discussing this with the GOP leadership as much as four months ago, in December, just after the election. If that's the case, then, yeah, I could see a good basis for a lawsuit there. I'd be curious if she, Moore, and others would be willing to go under oath in a lawsuit over this.

The News and Observer and Charlotte Observer really need to be pumping sources on this affair. While I could see the average GOPer in the legislature overjoyed to have a veto-proof majority, there's probably a few people "in the know" that would see some of Moore's shenanigans yet another stunt that has the potential to blow up in their faces.

State or Federal?

Would this be a matter for state courts or something Federal?

Some of her donors were probably out-of-state and this would have the potential for a class action. Additionally, the NC GOP took away the potential for a remedy by outlawing recall elections. Court is the only way for donors and voters to have any kind of remedy for harm in this case.