Morgan Releases Grand Jury Subpoena

Richard Morgan released a copy of his Federal Grand Jury subpoena today. There is an AP story out right now such as this one at the Durham Herald Sun. I'm not sure where they are going with this but the subpoena states that documents may be furnished to the IRS prior to the Grand Jury 11/15/06-11/16/06. It names 37 "Relevant Parties" and requests documents related to transactions with these "Relevant Parties" and copies of State and Federal tax returns 2002 through 2005. The subpoena also requests financial account information and photographs, videotapes and/or tape-recordings of any of the "Relevant Parties".

It looks like they are taking a money laundering angle. For anyone who wants a peek at the actual documents take a look below:        ( read more below the fold.....)

Page 2   Actual Subpoena

Page 3   Attachment 1/3 requesting documents

Page 4   Attachment 2/3 requesting documents

Page 5   Attachment 3/3 requesting documents

Page 6   Standard information for witnesses 1/2

Page 7   Standard information for witnesses 2/2

The "Relevant Parties" are:

Automated Wagering
Betty Bailey
Malcolm Bailey
Steven Bailey
Slim Baucomb
Jim Black
Jon Black
Black Pest Control
Jim Black Committee
Zadia Brown
Bill Culpepper
A David Davis
Mike Decker
Mike Decker for State House
Michael Decker Jr
Barry Green
Bobby Huckabee
Rita Harris
Virginia Kelly
Meredith Norris
Norris Corporation
NC Amusement Machine Assoc.
NC Amusement Machine Assoc. PAC
Office of House Speaker Jim Black
John Rabenold
Julie Robinson
Barry Sandman
S&M Brands

Update: The Raleigh News & Observer also has a story about this and has posted the full subpoena PDF. There are lottery, video poker, strip club and payday loan connections and huge chunks of tobacco money. Sounds like at least one part of a TV mini-series.


I'm not following this very well.

Which of the many corruption schemes is this most relevant for? And what the heck is Black Pest Control????

I'm with you

It looks like a jumble of the lottery and the video pocker? I'm just not seeing the money laundering angle. The only thing I remember from reading the video poker angle a while back was that it looked like some of the operators might have....ahem....given their employees some money to pass along to the speaker as a campaign contribution. Giving money in another person's name isn't legal. I guess I was just brushing the surface of this story.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

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Sorry I was short on analysis. I'll try to fill in some blanks.

It looks like a fact check and fishing expedition combo that's very closely related to Black. During the earlier hearings it was confirmed that some of the video poker money was given in other people's names. Some of it was cash turned into money orders that didn't have names attached, so it was still essentially cash processed through the amusement machine association some through the PAC and some bundled. There was an implication that some cash from video poker machines was diverted directly without being reported as income. The IRS may be exploring that.

Huckabee is video poker.

S&M Brands and the Baileys are all tobacco people who gave a lot to Black and Morgan and to Morgan's "Main Street" committee.

Robinson, Brown, Harris are current or former Black staffers. Kelly works for Black and is his campaign treasurer.

Green, Sandman are owners of Thee Dollhouse included in Black's subpoena but no documents were produced. Must be some smoke there for them to keep looking.

Rabenold, Davis are payday lenders.

Norris Corporation is a construction company, owned by William L. Norris, in Haywood County where Meredith L. Norris is from. I have no idea what that's about but it sounds like Meredith Norris' father.

There was a lot of money floating around and it seems as if origins and destinations were unclear and that some of it was not reported correctly if reported at all. We know that Decker pocketed money directly. He and others may be liable for taxes. The subpoena instructions asked that any early submission of documents go to the IRS.

It is hard to determine the direction of this from the subpoena alone but looking at it suggests that money was moved around between entities without taking the most direct path, that the prosecutors know this and are confirming facts for other indictments.

Oh, another exterminatory?

DeLay was the bug man from Texas, now I see this:

Jim Black
Jon Black
Black Pest Control

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Subpoena Error

Actually in trying to answer some of your questions I noticed there is an error in the subpoena. The name Baucomb is incorrect. The correct name is Baucom.

Slim Baucom operates a number of strip clubs. Donations by him and his family members to Mike Easley were eventually returned by Easley without explanation earlier this year. Attention was drawn to Baucom after he was identified as the source of a $4,000 contribution to Black from the Charlotte based Tourism PAC which didn't appear to have the money at the time.

You're good.

Glad you're on our side.


Voting errors favor Black

Because of a precinct split by two NC House districts (100 and 104) 446 ballots in the Black/ Jordan race for the District 100 may not count. According to an AP report in the Charlotte Observer

Mecklenburg election officials said Jordan received 380 votes in the precinct, while Black received 142, so removing these votes would benefit Black. A little more than 100 voters in the precinct received correct ballots, county officials said.

The board has asked the State Board of Elections for help in deciding how to handle the miscast ballots, which were discovered Monday. State elections director Gary Bartlett said a decision will be made at the panel's Nov. 28 meeting.

In addition there are 130 provisional ballots not yet counted.