Mintz, the NCGOP, and Something About a Jedi

Remember Chris Mintz? He was the Chairman of the Wake County Republican Men's Club who announced a couple of weeks ago that he was quitting the Club, quitting the Republican Party, and running for the state legislature as a Democrat. Everyone was surprised. That story is here.

Today there's an editorial up at NC Rumors by the Acting Chair of the Wake County Republican Men's Club, in which he pretty much calls Mintz a power-hungry opportunist. The author, one Frank Williams, doesn't help his own credibility by bookending his piece with Star Wars jedi analogies, and he doesn't explain why he's such a bad judge of character. But Williams does raise some questions that Mintz will have to answer if he wants to be taken seriously as a candidate.

At the heart of the Williams editorial are questions like these: 
Prior to his defection, Chris Mintz consistently told me he was pro-life. Now, he is joining a party whose platform says that abortion should be “accessible to all North Carolina women.” Where do you stand, Chris? 

Prior to his defection, Chris Mintz consistently told me he supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman. Now, he is joining a party whose legislative leaders in our state refuse to even allow the marriage amendment to be brought up for debate. Where do you stand, Chris? 

NC Rumors-News

The Democratic party has its image problems, but it isn't so bad off that it needs candidates don't share at least some of the party's values—even if that candidate can win. Mintz's stated reason for leaving the Republican Party—that the NCGOP is focused on social issues to the detriment of the wellfare of North Carolinians—is good enough for a start. But Mintz won't get active support from Democrats if they're worried that he thinks—and will vote—like a Republican.

I received an email from a reader about Mintz's switch right after it happened, saying that the reader had information from within the NCGOP that led him to doubt Mintz's sincerity. I didn't end up publishing that information, because as our email exchange went on, I felt like I understood NC Republicans less and less. The picture of the NCGOP that emerged was of a factious and conniving coalition. (See Republican Dority's run against incumbent Republican Walter Jones in NC-03.) I think that understanding the inner workings of the NCGOP would help in understanding Mintz's move.

But until then: after this story first broke, I invited Mintz to post at BlueNC about changing sides. I haven't heard from him, but the offer still stands. After all, the GOP today had its turn in the blogs and it hit Mintz hard. I look forward to hearing his response.



May the Force be with you.

My favorite all time line from a movie is when Yoda says, 'No. Do or do not. There is no try.' So let's not just try to create progressive government in North Carolina, okay.

Let's actually do it.

Speaking of which . . .

What's the word on Black these days? I'm torn between being thankful that he actually apologized and disgusted that North Carolina is willing to settle for so little in its leadership.

If the only consequence of betraying trust is the chance to make a public apology, well hell. Go start a war in Iraq and just say you're sorry when it goes to shit.

(Grrrr. I hate it when the Dark side takes me over.)