Conner's Letter to the Governor

Jerry Conner has responded to the Governor's letter setting a time for Mr. Conner's clemency hearing.

"Mr. Conner will not petition for clemency, nor will we appear on his behalf at a clemency hearing until a DNA test is conducted and the results are returned. We trust that as Governor you share our interest in ensuring access to all available information in order to make a fair and informed decision about clemency."


Mark . . .

Where's our esteemed Attorney General in all this? Does he have an official role or is this now just a pissing context between Mike and Jerry?

AWOL, I guess

It seems Roy has decided not to intervene. If he chose to he could have a DNA test done tomorrow. Continue contacting both of 'em.

my contribution to the DNA battle:

In the original, I mistakenly wrote Jerry Cooper instead of Jerry Connor. I wonder if he'll read it and, if so, if my freudian slip will clench his gut. Maybe he has a relative named Jerry . . .

Dear Mr. Cooper,
I sat across the table from you at the Catawba County gala, where you gave such a wonderful speech I was sure you'd be the next governor!

But I am appalled that you have done nothing to get a DNA test for Jerry Conner. How can you justify being a party to killing someone when you aren't willing to consider all the facts. What kind of justice is that?

If you consider yourself a Christian, (and I don't remember if you do or not, but this would apply to all faiths with which I am familiar), I can assure you that your inaction does not mesh with anything I know about Christ's teachings.

I worry about elected officials so afraid of the opinions of the uninformed and vindictive that they fail to do what is obviously morally right.

Thanks for all your hard work, Mark K.

Good letter, DQ

Cooper's a pretty good guy in a lot of ways, but his standing on the sidelines here suggests he doesn't have what it takes to be a real leader. My guess is that he and his inner circle are doing the political calculus to figure the right way to play their capital punishment cards. He doesn't want to alienate the god-fearing theocrats, but is more than willing to blow off the progressives, thinking he'll find his way into the governor's race on way or another.

Think again, Roy. If the Dems keep giving us warmed over Republican bullshit for dinner, we'll eventually throw up . . . and you'll be right in the line of fire. Do the right thing, Mr. Cooper. Get all the evidence. It's the least an attorney general can do.

Great letter DQ. Thank you

Great letter DQ. Thank you and everyone who has written to the AG, the Gov, written about, blogged about, and told your friends about this case. Let's keep it up.