Perdue's Record on the Death Penalty

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The following comes from a Charlotte Observer article about the decision to drop the gas chamber as an execution method in North Carolina:

"Another death penalty backer, Sen. Beverly Perdue, D-Craven, suggested that doing away with the gas chamber would lessen capital punishment's deterrent value. 'I think we should make it painful and torturous,' she said." ("Bill on Gas Chamber Shelved," Foon Rhee, Charlotte Observer, 3/23/95)

So I was a little surprised by today's front page N&O article that Bev Perdue is calling for a moratorium on the death penalty until questions about its constitutionality can be answered. (Nevermind, of course, that an hour or so later she went ahead and voted to continue the procedure anyways.)

This is the same woman who voted to kill (no pun intended) a bill that would have halted the barbaric practice of executing the mentally retarded (HB 1062, 1993-94). A legislator who voted to "streamline" the appeals process in capital punishment cases (HB 9, 1995-96).

Now she's got questions? Are we sure she wasn't just angling for the front page of the newspaper? Is the media just going to let her get away with calling for a moratorium on one day and voting against it the next? Does she get to leave a decade long record behind with one press release? Where does she really stand? Something tells me that meteorologist Greg Fishel can answer that question best -- hey Greg, which way is the wind blowing this evening?



being a hard-liner on the death penalty is probably a prerequisite for being governor in North Carolina.

Thanks for digging all this up.

What's the word on Moore re: all things deathly?

He passed to the legislature

otherwise, I think he's right in line with Perdue. I don't know if damning quotes are available, but from what I could tell he hasn't come out against the dp.

Hmmmm let me think back a dozen years and see if I can remember saying something stupid that could come back to haunt me.

If Moore comes out against the dp, then this will be news. Otherwise...........

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I originally promoted this to the front page

but I shouldn't have. The person posting is new to BlueNC and after being here only a few hours wrote this entry. I'm glad to see the debate, but I find myself second guessing the motives and means. Please pardon my flip-flopping.

here's a thought ...

So, "I think we should make it painful and torturous," huh? Maybe we could sentence capital offenders to mandatory attendance at the NC state house ... strap them to a chair, tape their eyes open, then invite bozos like Perdue to hold forth ... that ought to do it.

Dharma Pup

Okay! Gas the dog first&drown the Kitten! ScrewtheretardDonkey!

So, "I think we should make it painful and torturous," huh? * G

Let's hope she has not attended a Republican CIA torture course on anti-animal rights and believes in kitten juggling at the State Fair in October.

Well! She gives a whole new meaning to my bumper sticker during the recent campaign.

" Kick'em out" With the Democrat symbol Donkey kicking away.

Moore and Perdue

Neither of these people are as determined for NC to continue to kill people as we have been doing under the current Governor.

The damning information about Perdue comes from 1993-94? that is 13+ years ago? She actually played a positive role lately in the study commission.

Moore has said NC will not kill people when and if he is governor!

SO the future looks bright for use of our tax money.