Who's behind this?

There's an AP story breaking all over the Tubes about the death penalty debate among the Council of State that quickly devolved into a pissing contest between Bev Perdue and Richard Moore. According to the Fayetteville Observer:

It wasn't long before Moore and Perdue, who both voted with the majority, were engaged in a back and forth over each other's position. Neither has actually declared their candidacy for governor, although both are raising money and are widely expected to seek the job.

After the vote, a Moore adviser pointed out that while a state senator, Perdue said she opposed doing away with the gas chamber because it would lessen capital punishment's deterrent value . . .

That quote by a "Moore adviser" looks distressingly like something we saw in a hit-and-run post just last week here at BlueNC.

Which brings me to this question for Richard Moore:

Have you had or do you now have anyone trolling around the blogosphere on your behalf criticizing your opponent in the gubernatorial race?

This is a yes or no question. And if the answer is yes, it had better not happen again.

UPDATE: As Mike Munger points out below, there's only so much we can do, so that last line sounds like a hollow threat, it is. Let's just leave it at "If the answer is yes, please make sure it doesn't happen again. Campaign workers can throw all the bombs they want, as long as they disclose their status.


i still dont get

why people say neither has declared for governor.

Bev Perdue has said "I am running for governor in 2008" about 50 times in public and print that I know about. Or does it require holding a press conference and issuing a press release???

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Well, I do decleah!

Anglico, blogs are going to pay the price of their own success. You can't police this. Moore may not even have given instructions. His supporters KNOW what to do.

And, Blue South: an interesting question! I have been told by a lot of radio stations, including WBT in Charlotte and WUNC Chapel Hill NPR that I cannot appear any more (I used to be a drama critic on WUNC, for two years, but was told I can't even do that.

The reason? I "declared" I was running for Guv. So they don't want to run afoul of equal time provisions. (And they may have cause; NPR, especially, has been mistreated by the administration).

But still...how is it that I "declared" and the others didn't? I have announced that I intend to try to seek the nomination of a party that isn't currently even recognized by the state of NC, because the states-sponsored parties have such restrictive rules on ballot retention. But I never did a "press release." So, apparently, I haven't announced either! Maybe I can get WUNC to let me back on the air.

Seriously, Bev Perdue has been running for governor for at least the PAST two years, and is certainly doing so now. That's fine, more power to her. But why this coy act in the media. If Barack Obama can announce for Prez, surely the NC candidates can step and join the fray officially.

"It is to secure our rights that we resort to government at all." --Thomas Jefferson to Francois D'Ivernois, 1795.

Michael C. Munger

We can't police it completely

but we can surely make a big stink. Edwards got slammed for bloggers run amok, why not Moore?

That sucks that you're getting squeezed by the MSM - the same MSM that wouldn't let a blogger who posts here get press credentials simply because he posts here.

I totally understand your inclination go go libertarian. I might be more interested in anarchy these days . . . or maybe they're the same thing?


I will be the first to say I don't like what was done

however, last I checked we didn't have a tos/FAQ or any other method of communicating that this type of activity is against our rules.

I want both/all candidates to have a fair shot here, but we need to keep a few things in mind. One - they didn't break any rules. Two - they didn't break any laws. Three - they didn't lie. What they wrote was true.

So basically, we would look like we're mad about someone spreading the truth in a way that didn't break any rules or laws. Kinda hard to say it's a smear when it is the truth.

The only reason I really want to "expose" this activity is the first post from that IP was an attack on Anglico. That was uncalled for and way out of line. The posts about Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue were true and they are out there and will be repeated. She will have to deal with it. However, they won't be allowed to discredit Perdue by attacking Anglico.

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Right...b/c everyone knows all the unwritten rules

about the blogosphere. I sure as heck didn't when I first started. We can't assume everyone knows how to behave. People don't hop on the internet and automatically know everything there is to know about blogging or its unwritten rules.

We just need to be careful what we accuse someone of doing. Was it pathetic? Yes. Was it lame? Yes. Was it wrong? In my opinion, yes. Was it against the rules? What rules? Was it against the law? No. Was it a lie? No.

It was pathetic, amateurish and lame. As far as I'm concerned, that's bad enough.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I get your point

and maybe it's fair play since we didn't have official rules posted, but I don't like being screwed with by paid campaign staff. That's my only beef - and I'm not even saying it's true. I'm just asking because it seems awfully coincidental.

When someone is on the payroll of a campaign and their job is to seed the blogosphere with good stuff and slam opponents, they should say they're being paid. Period. That way I can automatically discount their opinion a couple of notches.

You're right, this wasn't a smear . . . and if I said that (too lazy to find it), I apologize. But I don't think I did. I'm just saying I don't want campaign staffers to engage in this hit-and-run bullshit using our server space - and get paid to do it.


Plus, I have to say I'm still pissed off that this whole primary is happening in the first place. WE DO NOT NEED A DAMN PRIMARY FIGHT IN 2008 FOR GOVERNOR.

You might not have

but I think I did once. Lance said something that got me thinking. Damn him.

Absolutely, paid campaign staff should identify themselves. Also hit and runs should get no further comments if they aren't hanging around for discussion.

I know you don't want a primary and honestly if they're going to pick at each other like middleschool girls (I have two, so I'm an expert at recognizing this behavior) then neither deserves to be governor. Sheeze Lousie, they both need to grow up.

TOS #1 - no multiple accounts
TOS #2 - paid or unpaid campaign staff must identify themselves as such

There at least those two are written down rules now.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Giving them some credit

Its pretty obvious that neither campaign understands or is interested in the internet. So why should we expect them to understand what we view of as well known codes of conduct?

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Sign this loyalty oath right here and check in your gun here?

I totally understand your inclination go go libertarian. I might be more interested in anarchy these days . . . or maybe they're the same thing?

:)* A

Relax A, chill out man, besides you are too old to be leading a anarchy riot on the State Capital MSM. Besides most libertarians are scare to death of weapons and even sign a party pledge they won't do anything that will bring the feds down on them should they try the American founders appoach.


Right! Let's go back to the smoke filled party rooms and have former Speaker Black chose the candiate.

Dang it Max

I want to choose the candidate. You know that.



PS You're right that I'm too old to be leading an anarchy riot, but I'd be happy to pass out lemonade and ice tea.

No Primary?


Don't we the people of the NC Democratic Party get a chance to vote on who we want to run against which ever repugnant, er, Republican is chosen in their primary? I really hope we do have a primary worth voting in. I'd like to be able to have something worth getting out the vote for, worth energizing the locals for. The Presidential thing will likely be decided by the time our Primary is held - give us a shot at getting excited about something, A. :)

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

I don't mind primaries, per se

but I long ago predicted that this one would become a nasty pissing contest and it already has.

More to the point, it's maddening that the two top Dems (at least in terms of name recognition) are going at each other's throats while no one is lining up to whup Liddy's butt.

That's why I object to this particular primary . . . it leaves a more important seat unchallenged. I know some may think that the governor of NC is more vital than another Dem in the Senate, but I don't. The power in NC lies in the legislature . . . Mr. Mike has mostly been along for the ride as near as I can tell.

Now that I can agree with

I'd really like to see Liddy's butt kicked all over the map - but I suspect they're waiting, like we are, to see if she's actually going to run. If she's not, who are the Republicans going to run in her place? That actually might make a difference as to who we run, wouldn't it?

So, anyway. Primaries, good. Pissing contests, bad. Gotcha.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

two years?

for the 08 race she has been public about her intentions for at least 4 years. privately i would guess 8 or more.

But, like you said, there is no reason for the media to be coy about it.

On a different topic, are you going to be able to get on the ballot? I know the rules are incredibly tough, how is the drive for names coming?

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We have about 45k signatures, and we need just under 63,000.

But those need to be validated...so, the past rule of thumb is that need 50% more than the total, to ensure
that we get enough through the "hanging chad police."

I should be fair; the NC Board of Elections is actually quite fair and professional. We have never had
any problem with them.

I do have one little impish experiment to suggest, tho: if you ask for a new voter registration form, it
is quite likely that it will still list "Libertarian" as an option. The reason? Well, we have gotten on four times
in the past, and probably will again. However, it is expensive (not THAT expensive, but expensive) to print
up new forms. SO, they are still using the old one.

Have been doing some checking, and NC's 2% rule for figuring the number of signatures is not that out of line with lots of other states. Way on the high side, but not completely out by itself.

Where NC has been out by itself has been on RETENTION (once you get the sigs to get on the ballot, what does it take to stay on the ballot?). Until recently, it took 10% (TEN PERCENT!!!) of the vote to stay on the ballot. HB#88 changed that, and was passed by the Senate and signed by the Gov. So, now it only takes 2%. We should be able to stay on.

Still, I think the 2% rule needs changed. The Democrats in NC are pretty insulated from pressure from the left, particularly from pressure from the Greens. The reason that 2% rule for signatures is still there is that the Dem establishment (and I refer to Princes Black & Basnight) have not found it convenient to open themselves up to pressure from the left.

So, the Libs will likely make it again, though we will dissipate all our volunteers and campaign funds to do it. But the Greens and other parties will still be out in the cold, unless something is done to reduce the signature requirement. Why are your Dem colleagues in the House and Senate so afraid of the people?

"It is to secure our rights that we resort to government at all." --Thomas Jefferson to Francois D'Ivernois, 1795.

Michael C. Munger

an interesting question

I think a lot of people on this site support easier ballot access. Having said that, I dont see anything wrong with 2% as a restriction for retention. I would agree with a smaller petition requirement, but I think the best system would be something like .5% signatures required but 3-5% of vote required for retention.

However, so long as we have a winner takes all system of elections we will only have two parties except for a few small exceptions.

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Capital Press Corps and Richard Moore Campaign

The Capital Press Corps and Richard Moore Campaign know more about this than they have been letting on.

More details and specific information, including new information known only to BlueNC, will follow in a separate post.

No BS please, we need the truth. You can post a comment publicly or send a private message.


sounds like fun.

ps- the internet is serious business.

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As to Perdue not declaring

I attended two two big-money fundraisers last fall, one for her, one for a state senatorial candidate. No way she's not running. And she gives an fairly impressive personal and moving talk.

(Plus, this poor Queen has never been in fancier houses since hanging out in Hunting Country Road outside of Tryon, where I've been told the Wall Street Journal enjoys its highest North Carolina per capita subscription rate.)
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the drama.

i know i was there

and she is just as impressive in a small group.

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Around the swimming pool.

Did you keep your gift bag? I still have it and the mugs. But I think I donated the cute stuffed dog.

I was about to edit my comment on Tryon, but it wouldn't let me, I guess becausse your comment just got posted. I wasn't exactly hanging out at a Tryon "estate." I was working a fundraiser for Edwards presidential campaign in Spring, 2003. That seems soooo long ago.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the drama.

i dont think so

i cant even say that i actually got one. in fact, i dont think i did.

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How can that be?

Did the girls at the front door tag you for a non-donor? They should have figured us for low-lifes but somehow they didn't . . . Well, we left at the very end, having to wait while the host hit on the young "guest" we brought with us.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the drama.

i should have told them

to ignore you guys. bad judgement on their part obviously.

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