The Fix steals my title

For those of you who missed it, I wrote a diary a few weeks ago titled, "How Vulnerable is Elizabeth Dole?". Well, Chris at the WaPo echoes my question, but with some more information than I had available.

He starts by saying that Dems believe this seat is vulnerable, and Republicans disagree. Not exactly mind expanding. He then mentions a poll conducted by Bush (and now Romney's) pollster, Jan van Lohuizen. The results of this poll that is not on the internet?

Sixty-four percent of the sample viewed Dole favorably while just 26 percent saw her in an unfavorable light. Dole's job performance ratings were similarly solid -- 63 percent approved of the job she is doing, compared with just 25 percent who disapproved.

That is a +39 rating for dole, almost 3-1 good to bad. That contrasts to the +3 or worse ratings that other polls have shown her at. Which is right? Well, SurveyUSA, from November showed her at +12. Given how Republican numbers in general have been trending down, I would put the Republican poll slightly below Cheney in terms of lying.

Chris doesnt say much else that anyone who has glanced at any of my diaries doesnt already know. But it is worth a look. Stay tuned for another PPP matchup poll this month (I hope) and to see if Dole makes the top 10 on the Fix's line.


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