State Representative Jim Harrell (Democrat!) is running for Treasurer.

Once again a real Dem up against Chris the Chameleon Mintz.

WTF does Mintz have against the Harrell name

My neutrality just went out the window.

Here is the real Dems campaign website

[edit] oops sorry that is his old campaign site.

Max in Raleigh


What's in a Name?

WTF does Mintz have against the Harrell name* Max

Well let's hope it does not spread to the other Max.... totaly confuse Max in Cary

OH thank god

I like Jimmy Harrell. I have never met him, but he has a good reputation.

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He spoke at the bloggers gathering at DNC.

My only problem with Jim. He was asked whether he would vote for the constitutional amendment to define marriage and he said, as I recall "No, I wouldn't vote for that."
Well, when the time came, he didn't. As a matter of fact, he didn't vote EITHER way.
I'm going to email Pam to see if she remembers this as well.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

oh yeah

SD told me about that. She was pissed when she told the story. You are recalling it correctly.

Well, I will take a non-vote over a "Democrat" who was at a Called2Action function.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

(she was pissed because of his non-vote, not over him saying he would vote no)

"Keep the Faith"

I specifically remember

I specifically remember saying that he would _not_ vote for an amendment. In fact when I posted about that meeting on my blog on Jan 28, I said this:

"I asked Harrell if he would vote for a state amendment to ban gays and lesbians from marrying -- he said no. "

Pam Spaulding
Durham, NC USA

Pam's House Blend

Pam Spaulding
Durham, NC USA

Pam's House Blend

How close was the vote?

How close was the vote? Sometimes it is a strategic move to not vote if the vote is not even close.....why hand your opponent ammo for the next election.

At least he did_not_ vote for it.

We have had a great state treasurer and I for one want to see it stay that way.

It is a position of extreme trust, responsibility and fiduciary duty and quite frankly I do not see how someone with Mintz's past can fill that role.

I think Chris Mintz owes the electorate a clear airing of his dirty laundry. He needs to make public the results of the arbitration regarding Edwards Jones suing him for breach of fiduciary duty and secretly diverting 18 million dollars.

I mean he is running for state treasurer.....fer Pete's sake.

It made it out of committee

and Speaker Joe had to send it to another committee. He's not fond of hate legislation. I think there were maybe 5 Dems who failed to show up to vote. I am still angry about that.

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Ah that's what was confusing

Ah that's what was confusing me because I did see that it was sent to a committee where it is likely to never emerge for a true vote. That did rile up the *allegedly* moral *allegedly* majority crowd. However I could not find a true count of the vote that pushed it out of the committee. Would the votes of the Dem's that did not show up have kept it from coming to the floor? How close was it? who were the other Dem's?

there was

one vote that would have effectively killed the amendment.

That failed 15-10 I believe, with 14 Republicans and one Democrat voting for it. They needed a super majority or something. I cant remember the details, but there was a vote that would have killed it, but we had 5 Dems not vote so it failed. Three of them were late because of another committee meeting. Harrell didnt vote. I know that two of those who missed it were Weiss and Luebke who are both pretty darn progressive, and that was what pissed a lot of us off. Because Im sorry but a rules committee vote on an amendment like that should be more important than anything else.

Also, after that one failed vote they tried to do something else but didnt have enough votes or something to fully kill it, so they ended up having to report it out of committee with a voice vote and it went to the floor, where Hackney killed it again.

That is all I can remember, some details are shaky.

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