Updated: Urgent Action Needed! Minimum Wage Increase At Stake

Update from Working Families Win
Here's the entire text of Becky's latest email. She says it much better than I could...


Concerned citizens all over North Carolina have responded to our request that they contact their legislators about minimum wage, and YOUR CALLS ARE WORKING!! Senators that have heard from constituents have begun calling on their leadership to ensure the passage of the minimum wage increase this year!!

Here are some stats:
Just on Wednesday, 855 emails were sent to legislators from all over the state! This may be a one day record for our coalition partners! Over 900 e-mails have been sent this week alone!
Every legislator - except two newly appointed legislators - has gotten at least one constituent email!
The highest concentrations outside of Raleigh are in Working Families Win areas, people from Fayetteville, Charlotte, Hendersonville and Asheville are sending a majority of the messages!
Legislative leaders (Basnight, Rand and Black) have all heard from a handful of their constitutents.
Your pressure is working, so keep calling and emailing! The more legislators here from their constituents, the better the bill!

Call your legislator and tell them not to leave until an increase in the minimum wage has passed! Tell your Senator that you want them to pass a "clean" bill (HB 2174). Minimum wage should not be a trade for tax cuts for the wealthy!
In addition to your representatives, please call the following legislative leaders:
Sen. Marc Basnight (919)733-6854
Sen. Tony Rand (919)733-9892
Sen. Dan Clodfelter (919)715-8331
Rep. Jim Black (919)733-3451
Rep. Beverly Earle (919)715-2530

2) LATEST NEWS: As of this morning, the Senate leadership is planning to run one of Sen. Hoyle's bills with the $1 minimum wage and TAX CUT(S). We want our Senators to say no to this - minimum wage should not be a trade for tax cuts to the wealthy! Legislators in both houses say the roof will blow off the building if the leadership tried to leave town without passing the min wage increase, but still no bill. So we need to show them that it will!

3) TIMING: As of the end of the day Wednesday, Legislators say they are going to complete the budget by or on Saturday and then come back after July 4th to finish other bills. It is not clear if minimum wage will get resolved with the budget or with "other bills" after July 4th - tell your legislators to pass the minimum wage bill NOW!



Check out the background on this action below:

The NC Legislature is on the verge of ending session without passing into law the minimum wage increase.

Both the House and Senate have passed different bills using different language that would increase the minimum wage by $1, but the bills have not been reconciled. The House and Senate must agree to the same bill before it becomes law. (I know, shades of School House Rock)

Here's the urgency...
The Senate is threatening to leave at the end of this week without scheduling a hearing or a vote on the House bill (HB 2174). Even if the Legislature is back in town next week to finish up business, the deals involving minimum wage are being made NOW.

Call on your legislators and everyone you know to pass the minimum wage increase NOW!

From Working Families Win:

THE BILL LANGUAGE MATTERS: The Senate's proposed minimum wage increase would delink North Carolina's minimum wage statute from the federal minimum wage law. This would mean that if the US Congress ever does raise the federal minimum wage, North Carolina's minimum would not go up. House Bill 2174, the House version of the minimum wage increase, would make NC's minimum wage $6.15 per hour (a $1 increase from the current $5.15) or the federal minimum wage whichever is greater. HB 2174 IS THE LANGUAGE WE WANT!

North Carolina’s low-wage workers need a raise now! Legislators must not go home without enacting a $1 increase in the minimum wage.

We must say loud and clear that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - Don't let political posturing get in the way of a needed raise for North Carolina's workers. Pass the Minimum Wage Increase NOW!

Sen. Clodfelter (919)715-8331
Sen. Graham (919)733-5650
Sen. Hartsell (919)733-7223
Sen. Goodall (919)733-7659
Sen. Dannelly (919)733-5955
Sen. Pittenger (919)733-5655
Sen. Hoyle (919)733-5734
Rep. Barnhart (919)715-2009
Rep. Rhodes (919)733-5530
Rep. Saunders (919)733-5606
Rep. Black (919)733-3451
Rep. Earle (919)715-2530
Rep. Carney (919)733-5827
Rep. Alexander (919)733-5807
Rep. Cunningham (919)733-5778


I spoke to a legislator last night

who said they had reached a compromise? Can we get someone to verify where we are???

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I'll see

what I can find out.