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I am registered unaffiliated(UNA) and plan on voting in the primary sometime this week. As most of you probably know, unaffiliated voters get to choose what party’s primary they get to vote in.

Especially because of the Presidential race, I’d like to have my vote for Obama heard in the Democratic primary. On the other hand, our (Moore County) contests for state senate, state house, and county commission only have Republicans in the race.

Since my individual vote counts more in the smaller races, because those races stand to have a much greater impact on my local situation, and because the Republican primary winners will be the eventual office holders, I am leaning towards voting in the Republican primary.

Anyone have a compelling argument as to why I should choose the somewhat more symbolic route and vote in the Democratic Primary?


That's a really tough one, SPLib

I think you can cast your vote safely for Obama, if you want to make a symbolic vote.

I don't think Joe Boylan will win his primary. In the words of The Pilot:

Boylan has hardly distinguished himself. He promised Pinewild voters that he would fight to change the state's annexation laws, but they haven't been changed. His most noteworthy recent proposal, to suspend the state's gas tax, was a bad idea to advance at a time when the state's transportation infrastructure is deteriorating.

Boylan has made headlines for wrong reasons -- an allegation that he groped a female legislator in Raleigh and a DWI charge in Moore. The above-mentioned effectiveness survey ranked him 118th among the House's 119 members. Our county deserves better.

By the way - that 119th member? Thomas Wright.

The Pilot goes on to endorse Lane Toomey - which to me was a bit of conflict of interest, since Toomey wrote for them until he announced for this race. Either Toomey or Boles, the other man running in this race would be better than Boylan.

Of course, since I'm backing Betty Mangum, who is the Democrat who will face the winner of this contest, I'd like to see Boylan win. For once, the incumbent would be an easier win than one of these other guys.

So I could have an ulterior motive for my post just now. :-D

I don't know much about any of the candidates for county commissioner. We worked so hard to find a Democrat to run, and no one would. We're working on 2010 now. Until this county has at least 2 Democrats on the county commission, or at least one unafilliated member and 1 democrat, I will not feel like my voice will be heard at the county level.

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Why you should vote in the Democratic Primary?

#1: Jim Neal.

#2: Many of the council of state races will be very close. Most of the Democratic nominees will hold the offices they are running for. The Democratic Primary will pick the council of state in what will be a good year for Dems.

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