Take Action Today! Help Larry Kissell on DCCC Day of Action

Please take just a few minutes to help Larry Kissell win the DCCC contest running today. Larry won last cycle and the DCCC sent out over 3 million fundraising emails for Larry. In 2006 the candidates had a month to plan their day of action. This cycle, they've had under a week. The winner is expected to raise over $100,000 on the fundraising email.

We can do our part and it will barely take any time out of your day.

You have two choices:

1. Go to www.helplarrywin.com and sign up to do virtual phone banking from your home. Spend just 20 minutes making phone calls and your efforts count.

2. Send a letter to the editor to one of the 8th District newspapers. The list is included below. Please don't send the exact same letter to more than one paper. Change it a bit. It can have the same topic and say basically the same thing. I have included some ideas below.

Thank you for helping Larry Kissell get to congress. Make sure you post a comment under this thread to tell us which paper you wrote. Feel free to post your lte in the comment. You might give others some ideas.

Thanks, everyone.

Anson Record - Weekly
Go here for online submission form.

Independent Tribune - Daily Newspaper - Concord/Kannapolis
Submit your letter at this link.

Kannapolis Citizen - Community Newspaper
LTE submission for for Salisbury Post. Please begin your letter with, "For the Kannapolis Citizen."

Concord Standard and Mt. Pleasant Times - Community Newspaper
email: letitout@concordstandard.com
or email editor, Dale Cline dale.cline@concordstandard.com

Fayetteville Observer - Daily Newspaper
FayO online submission form

Raeford News-Journal - Community Newspaper
Online submission form for letter to the editor.

Charlotte Post - Community Newspaper
Herb White, Editor, Herb.White@thecharlottepost.com

Charlotte Observer - Daily Newspaper
email - opinion@charlotteobserver.com

We welcome letters. Please sign (unless you are using e-mail or computer fax) and include your address and daytime telephone number. We edit for brevity, grammar, clarity and accuracy, and we reject letters published elsewhere. Letters typically address a single idea and do not exceed 150 words. We cannot return or acknowledge letters not used. Published letters will appear in paper and electronic format.

The Observer Forum
The Charlotte Observer
P.O. Box 30308
Charlotte, NC 28230-0308
Fax: (704) 358-5022

E-mail: opinion@charlotteobserver.com
E-mails must include your name, address and phone number.

Montgomery Herald - Community Newspaper
online submission form

Montgomery Post - Community Newspaper
Ronnie Thompson, Editor - send email to postnews@embarqmail.com

Asheboro Courier-Tribune - Daily Newspaper
Send a letter at this link

The Pilot - Community Newspaper

The Pilot welcomes letters from readers. Our address is 145 West Pennsylvania Avenue, Southern Pines, NC 28387 Letters also can be faxed to (910) 692-9382, or e-mailed to sbouser@thepilot.com.

All letters must be signed with name, phone number and mailing address. Only the city of residence will be published along with the letter. The length limit is 300 words. All letters may be edited for length and content.

Richmond County Daily Journal - Daily Newspaper
Send an online submission here.

Laurinburg Exchange - Community Newspaper
Send online submission here.

Locust Weekly Post - Community Newspaper
Joyce Lavene - Editor/Reporter email your letter to: news@weeklypostnc.com

Stanly News & Press - Community Newspaper
Jim Lisk, Editor email your letter to: snapnews@vnet.net

Monroe Enquirer-Journal - Daily Newspaper
Use this link....be sure to scroll down.

The Home News - Community Newspaper
email - homenewseditor@aol.com

Letter ideas:

  • North Carolina is at its highest unemployment rate in four years with counties in the 8th Congressional District showing some of the highest unemployment rates in the state.
  • Robin Hayes votes to fast track trade legislation and to approve CAFTA are directly responsible for the loss of jobs in the district
  • It is time to elect someone to Congress who knows what it will take to put the 8th District back to work
  • It's time for Larry Kissell
  • Please add your ideas below. Don't forget to add a comment listing the newspaper(s) you sent an LTE to. Thanks everyone!



    All I can say is

    Two years ago most of these newspapers did not have online submission forms. What a difference!

    Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    More bullet points from Larry's post

    *Every County in the 8th Congressional District has a higher unemployment now than it did in the spring of 2000.
    *Three of North Carolina's 10 highest unemployment rates by county are in the 8th District.
    *Scotland County has the highest unemployment rate in North Carolina at 10.3 percent.
    *Richmond County has the fourth highest unemployment rate in North Carolina at 8.6 percent.
    *There are now over 50,000 unemployed people living in the 10 counties that comprise the 8th District.
    *A person living in one of those 10 counties is more than twice as likely to be out of work now as they were in the spring of 2000.
    *The lowest unemployment rate in the district now (Mecklenburg at 5.6) is the same as the worst rate in 2000 (Scotland County, also at 5.6).
    *The price of gas was $1.22 per gallon when Robin Hayes took office.
    *Today gas prices across the Eighth Congressional District are in excess of $4.00 per gallon.
    *Robin Hayes owns up to $23 million in oil company stocks according to his personal financial disclosure and has accepted over $175,000 from the industry for his campaign.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    I've received a couple of emails from folks

    who are sending LTEs, but don't want to register here. (They're from Union Co. since we've been drumming activity for this up locally.) Please make sure you either email me or comment here that you've written an LTE today.


    Our local party event was hopping! We have so many postcards going out that we had to break them into three stacks to fit them into the big manilla envelopes. We even had volunteers show up who had never volunteered for the party before. It was amazing.

    Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    Cabarrus for Kissell!

    We've been having tons of fun here in Cabarrus working with Larry. We've got stacks of completed postcards, phone lists, and stacks of turf all taken care of today. Larry made his way into the Headquarters as he often does, and met with everyone working on our Day of Action. Like Betsy in Union County said, people have also been coming in off the street that have never been in our HQ before! From young children to WWII Veterans, people from all walks of life are on board with the campaign to take our Country back.

    100 days left to bring Rep. Hayes back home, and send REAL CHANGE up to Washington.

    Pictures to follow!

    Sounds awesome!

    Eli did a great job for us here in Union. Glad he's on Larry's team. All we really had to do was show up and work. I'll post a few pictures too.

    Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    Eli's great.

    I've been working with him and helping lighten the load for him here in Cabarrus. He's just another great member of the Kissell team, always good to work with.