NC-05: Summer Lipford Responds to Foxx Criticism of "Gold Star" Ad

Summer Lipford's online response to an article in the Winston-Salem Journal yesterday:

I am pleased Roy Carter's campaign is not pulling the ad concerning Foxx's total disregard concerning the death of my son.

There is nothing that can be done to correct what Foxx did or did not do for my family when Steven died, I could not attend his Memorial Service at Ft Benning, due to the fact I was not considered his family because he had married before deployment to Iraq, which Foxx would have been aware of had she contacted my family when Steven died.

I cannot forget the hurt that Steven was left on the belly of a plane for 5 hours, until after dark, because this administration was ashamed to allow flag draped caskets to be seen by the American people; that 30 minutes before his funeral I was told I may need pall bearers because the casualty officer was not sure the Honor Guard would be there on time to carry my son to his grave; that no government official, local or otherwise attended Stevens funeral or sent a representative or even contacted me; that I was lied to about the circumstances Steven died under and had to force the military myself to get a different version, not the truth, concerning his death...

So many other hurtful things, far too many to mention, all could have been prevented by Foxx's intervention if only she had a staffer from her office contact me. Contacting me 10 weeks after his funeral with a form letter of condolence does not constitute her assistance, assistance not that I asked for-- but begged for.

I am not malicious, disgusting or dishonest, I had nothing to gain by telling my story, I am a mother who grieves everyday for my child and prays no other mother has to walk my path, no other mother has to live with the lack of concern and disrespect shown to my son and myself by Virginia Foxx. As I have stated, none of this can change for me, but by electing Roy Carter I know it will not happen again.

Summer Lipford

This story was also the lead on WXII last night.



Finally some of Foxx's deplorable voting records are exposed and people are paying attention.

Gaining Buzz

I haven't seen the ad in rotation here in Wilkes, but several people have emailed me about it. I'm not sure they saw the ad or the story on WXII, but they are really moved by it.

I still stand by my statement that this is the best ad this cycle, and one of the best in recent memory.

Please throw in a few last minute bucks at to get this thing on the air as often as possible.

I heard from someone that they saw the ad......

and I guess it really stung the old hag! She had some lying ad on this morning claiming she has a 100% DAV rating! Unbelievable, the desperation and fear it brought out! The last ratings I saw had no Repubs even close to a satisfactory level of supporting vet benefits. All Democratic congressmen score higher.