Toll Roads Coming All Over the State

I noted in this post that Triangle residents should be getting ready for tolls. The truth of the matter is that if we do not create viable alternative transportation, toll roads will be needed all over the state. In fact, there are already six projects in the works.

The projects are run by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority and are planned to be placed in these six locations (I am sure more are to come):
Gastonia to Charlotte;
Charlotte Outer Loop/Monroe;
Durham to Cary;
Currituck Sound; and
Morrisville to Apex.

The Turnpike Authority has contact information here. I am contacting them to suggest that part of the funds be used to provide alternative transportation, and please contact them with any concern you have. My one reservation is how much overall decisionmaking authority they have.


Don't be surprised for this to get outsourced.

There are a couple of giant companies that handle 90% of the work of tolls nationwide. One owns the patents for EZPass and also handles all the back office for electronic billing. And the truth is, these companies are probably much more likely to do this successfully than a state agency.

another case where light rail would be better

Gastonia to Charlotte road costs 600 million dollars. A light rail that costs about 44 million per mile and can travel up to 65 mph. Having a light rail that goes from Gastonia to Charlotte would save tons of traffic, as well as money to all the people riding it. While a toll road would probabaly pay for itself faster, a light rail will spur development along the route itself and actually reduce traffic. As oppose to just spur more development that will add more traffic on the road.

Beach county too

Brunswick and Columbus counties too will be getting a toll road. It is the extension of US74/76. In order to get this built in the near future, the commissioners of both countries have agreed it should be a toll road. Also, a second bridge is planned to cross the Cape Fear River between Brunswick County and Wilmington. That also will be a toll road. The roads will become free after they are paid for SUPPOSEDLY. Then when they are paid for, there is always an excuse to keep the tolls, maintenance, etc.. Tolls are the wave of the future.
Back in the 90s, I used to drive to Wilmington many times from southwest Brunswick and not see another car on the road either way in the day-time. Those days are gone forever. They don't call us Myrtle Beach North for nothing.