Former Panther Mike Minter may challenge Larry Kissell in 2010

Former Safety for the Carolina Panthers, Mike Minter, is considering a challenge to Larry Kissell in 2010. The Greenville Daily Reflector is reporting that Minter, a registered Republican, recently spent a couple of days in Washington discussing the possibility of his candidacy.

One suggestion for Mike. He might want to work real hard on coming up with an answer to why he has only bothered to vote once since he registered to vote back in 2004. I would suggest that he not try the busy football player routine since as a busy congressman he'd need to find lots of time to vote.

This is getting interesting.



No, No, No

That's all we need. Another football player with "It's just one of the things I'm thinking about doing. Of course, I don't know s*** about politics, but I was really good at football."



Easy win for Larry.

don't laugh so fast...

...minter is jesus-connected, and he is a reasonably competent "rah-rah" speaker.

he knows what to do with a mike, he can connect with an audience, and he is fairly good at keeping his hands "in the box".

i don't know if he knows anything about policy...nor if he needs or has access to a decent writer...but this guy is no less competent a speaker than any number of successful candidates i've seen in the past (jc watts, i'm thinking of you)...and when you combine that with the church connection, he could be a serious candiate in the right district.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

Not something to be taken lightly

Mike Minter is an intelligent, appealing and, most importantly, VERY FAMOUS person.

He would not be a joke as a candidate.

Think Steve Largent with appeal to the black church community.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

The Youth

say they are Democrats, but they love football players too.


Youth is exactly the Problem for Larry

This is not an especially young district. It is not completely rural, but it is very middle class, suburban and exurban - where a high profile candidate with close ties to the region (like Minter) can overwhelm a lot of voters with the "wow" factor. Add in to the fact that Dems are less than impressed with Larry's voting record, a lack of a big draw like Obama, the evangelical ties of Minter and what is sure to be a concerted, strong effort by the NRCC to bring in diverse, able candidates to compete in moderate districts. This spells trouble, if true. You can say what you want about the district and its voters, but they are ultimately the ones who get to decide and, without knowing how this might progress, should still be a warning signal to Congressman Kissell.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

Only a small percentage of Dems are less than impressed

and they aren't the percentage that would vote for a Republican over Larry...and it is only one vote they aren't impressed with. The fact is, most Dems in the district are madly in love with him. The majority of the district geographically is rural - even most of the Union County portion is rural. Charlotte only has a small percentage of the voters and they are working class - more moderate/conservative Dems.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

8th District is not easy

Charlotte and Fayetteville (my romping grounds) may have the densest population of the district, but they are at such outer reaches that it is primarily a rural district. I think that's one of many reasons why Rep. Kissell plays so well. His votes so far are those of an independent Democrat...which appeals to the district. Do I always agree with all his votes? Of course not, but as long as he maintains his constituent performance and continues to remain connected with the voters (both in person and via other ways), I think he should remain fairly successful in his re-election prospects.