NRCC's Target List: Nary a Mention of Kissell

Mike Minter must have dashed the NRCC's hopes of running a big name against freshman Larry Kissell. The National Journal has a piece up outlining the top Democratic congressional targets of the NRCC and Larry Kissell hasn't made the top tier. If you've seen him in-district you would know why. His constituents just love him.

I'm sure there are other reasons Larry isn't on the list. He absolutely mopped the floor with Robin Hayes. This wasn't a close race. Larry didn't ride Obama's coattails, however the race would have been closer if Obama hadn't been leading the ticket.

Larry is also working hard for the people in his district. He seems to be everywhere. Each time we've been upset with him, it was when he said or did something that many in his district support. I've often said he mirrors his district and he does.

The good news for us is that if he isn't a target he will need fewer resources to win. We need to make sure we can hold the seat, but his not being an early target makes it easier to start doing some targeting of our own.



I don't think we should

just forget about idiots like McHenry, Foxx and Myrick, but replacing Burr with a Democrat is going to be both possible and expensive as hell, and will probably end up being an extremely close race.

And I have to say, even though it will probably make me look like an idiot myself: right after Burr on my list of politicians-that-need-to-be-removed are some land-developing, platform-ignoring, backroom-scheming corporate Democrats in the General Assembly. I'd rather have a 6th Grade-educated Jethro f**king Bodine in there than some of these guys.

Serenity now, serenity now...

I think it will be easiest to take some of the entrenched

Republicans out in our next blue moon election when they top the ticket. We need to run folks who are willing to look at these congressional seats as a two cycle commitment and help them pull at Kissell.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Mia Morris

Margaret Dickson beat her and so can Larry. She has too many skeletons in her closet. This is one that would make me work hard and that is saying something.


It can be hard

It can be hard to find someone to run against a person whom the public loves so much. There are not many who hold offices of any kind who are really interested in doing what the people who voted for them want. online casino