Kenneth Lewis challenges Richard Burr to healthcare debate

Kenneth Lewis has challenged Richard Burr to a debate on healthcare. According to the story at ENC Today, Lewis noticed Burr had no healthcare town halls on his schedule for this week. Lewis decided to help him fill out his calendar.

Burr has been out and about. He's tagging along with Kay Hagan and Larry Kissell, probably in an attempt to look more moderate. He needs to figure out a way to not look like George Bush's lapdog. I guess tagging along with Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Sec. of Education Arne Duncan, Kay Hagan and Larry Kissell for the rural town stop is one way to look bipartisan....even if he still votes like he's carrying King George's piss bucket.

Typically, Burr's calendar is filled with opportunities for folks to pay to see the Senator. I wonder if he'll try to charge an entry fee to the debate?


Glad to see Lewis challenging Burr so early

He's the only declared candidate but wouldn't it be a hoot if all the folks just thinking about it joined hands just once to absolutely bury Burr? If they all went after Burr and left him lying curled up in the fetal position.....oh, it would be fun to watch.

Won't happen, but it would be fun to watch.

Hate to post and run, but I'm out for the rest of the day.

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I don't think it makes Burr look so much the moderate

as it makes Hagan and Kissell look like Blue Dogs.

To answer your question Betsy, it WOULD be fun to watch. It might even be embarassing for the watcher because of that fetal position, but still, fun.

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What do they gain from "Paling around with Republicans?"

I don't want to slam Hagan because she has done a great job so far and has voted with the Party more often than not. And Hagan has expressed her desire to support a Health Care Reform Bill and has voted for the bill in her committee. So, I am willing to give her a pass. But Kissell looks like he is wants to come off more Moderate. He is a Congressman and is up for reelection in 2010. As do many Dems from Right Leaning States they tend to want to lean right the year before reelection.

That is a fatal flaw. You are only going to lose support from your base. That is one things Republicans never do. They never entionally upset their base. Democrats are always working under the assumption that their base is solid. I wouldn't make the mistake of making that assumption this time around. The Base of the Party is looking for Progressives to step up. If the right candidate desides to run against BLUE DOGS in the Primary they may see themselves out of office. Look at Arlen Specter for example. He is by no means a Lefty but if you pay attention to the way he has been voting lately you would think he was. He understands that Joe Sestak is going to be tough to beat and he can't beat Sestak in a DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY by running to the RIGHT! He has to come to the left. NOW will he stay there? Probably not. But it is very dangerous for Kissell and any other Democrat to want to BE MODERATE if you are going to face a Primary Challenger. I don't know if Kissell will or not but if he does he might want to re think his strategy.

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Exactly, Betsy

Adding exactly less than zero to their reputations and getting very little in the way of kudos from the fringe right at the same time. Seems like a lose/lose situation for all of the above.

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don't think they have a choice

It isn't their gig. It was planned through Depts of Ag and Ed, so all Reps and Sens were invited who rep that area.

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Oh my goodness....will be laughing all day at this one! I think this calls for a photoshop op if we can get a pic of them all together.

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Now that would be great!

LOL! Burr is stupid!

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We'll just have to disagree with this one

Vilsack and Duncan are traveling around to different states going out to rural areas, so this is their know...Democratic administration and all that stuff. If Hagan and Kissell didn't show up for this we would get that whole, "Why is Hagan hiding from the Obama Adminstration when it is in the state?" crap that we got last time. North Carolina is predominantly rural. It doesn't make Hagan and Kissell Bluedogs just because they chose to visit areas outside of Raleigh/Durham/Charlotte/Greesnboro/Chapel Hill/Asheville.

Anyway...I absolutely have to get back to what I'm avoiding doing right now. :D

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It's OK. You can disagree.

Now get back to what you were supposed to be doing!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Grrrr, Blue Dogs

I even hate that term. It should be Red Dogs!

I can't wait until announce the Time and Location.

I hope it is in a central location so people from the East don't have to drive all day to get there. I would love to see Burr get BURIED! He has no possible way of defending his oppositon to Health Care reform other than "The Party Bosses Made Him Do it"

North Carolina is a Big Military State and a Big Health Care State. We have some of the finest Hospitals in the Country and some of the Finest Schools for Medicine in the Country. To come out AGAINST reform so that EVERYONE can benefit from the outstanding Medical Facilities and Physicians that our State has to offer is ridiculous.

Health Care is not a PRIVILEGE it is a Right! And that is what I want Ken Lewis to say to that fool BURR during the little get together. Listen, if this debate happens we can't let the Wack Job Lunatic Right Wing Fringe take over the Room! We need to be there in FORCE! They need to have it in Raleigh if possible.

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Kissell on cap and trade

Larry Kissell voted against cap and trade legislation and if he supports a public option for health care reform I haven't read or heard it anywhere. As far as I know Kay Hagan does not support a public option.

Uh...Kay Hagan voted for the public option in committee

She has stated publicly that she supports it and it was the legislation announced by Edward Kennedy and Chris Dodd.

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That was june

The link I posted was dated for july!

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Co-op vs public option

Kay Hagan's with Baucus and the Senate finance committee for a co-op, not a public option extension of Medicare.

It's the watered down version.

You are wrong

Kay Hagan is on the HELP committee and voted for the public option plan authored by Kennedy and Dodd out of that committee. We've corrected you multiple times on this thread. You need to back up what you are saying.

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OK I'm half wrong but The

OK I'm half wrong but The Pension committee plan is more like the finance committee plan than the house plan with a true public option. It's complicated but there are distinctions in how such a plan is funded. Under the senate pension committee plan, the initial funding for the public option comes from taxpayers but it's expected to be self funded in the future. In a coup for providers, payments will be made at 110% of Medicare rates.

It's complicated but I see the pension committee's bill as a half measure - better than no measure but not a lot different in substance than the bill being drafted in the senate finance committee.,0,1415531.story

Public option in Senate HELP bill

My idea of a "public option" is the expansion of Medicare to anyone who opts for it. Maybe I'm guilty of parsing words but from what I've read about it the Senate HELP bill describes the "public option" as something other than the extension of an existing public plan like Medicare - and not everyone will be able to opt for it.

Here is an additional source describing the HELP plan:

Let's fix the current plans first

Medicare is rapidly becoming a failed health care program with problems in funding and many other things such as abuses by both patients and doctors not to mention the drug companies. Putting 40 million more (give or take) people on this certainly isn't the answer to correct our horrible health care system in America. The first thing we have to do is to fix our current health care systems including the VA health care. How can we even consider adding just another government health care system when the ones we already have are in such horrible shape? Let's not just jump into something we haven't given a lot of consideration to.

Public option

I think I'll go with Dr. Dean on the public option. Medicare has problems and good constructive criticism and efforts to make it better are always welcome but saying the system can't handle it before anything is tried is giving up before we get started. It's like saying we can't offer health care to additional people because there aren't enough doctors. That may be true now but until the system is stressed we'll never have enough doctors.

Here's more information on the Senate HELP plan's "public option":“public-option”-will-be-multiple-“options”-and-these-will-be-run-by-insurance-companies/

I voted for Kay Hagan and I still think she was better than the alternative. She's not as liberal as I'd like her to be, though.