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    media outlets that cover the General Assembly. The most powerful politician in that body is using dirty tricks to guarantee his continued hegemony, and not a damn word. They're probably waiting to see what the State Board decides, but this is *already* news. And Berger being able to freely operate on this bent budget and other Legislation, without having to answer pesky questions about Jen Mangrum, is a fricking disservice to the people of NC.

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    heading into a long weekend, with a couple of cookouts/parties to attend. This Ireland abortion thing has bothered me for a long time (I can't imagine how much it's bothered Irish women), and seeing progress take place like this is very uplifting. I'm tempted just to tune out politics before the Liar-In-Chief says or does something to harsh my buzz. But I think I'm incapable of that, for some reason. *sigh*

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    By the same Tweeter above, found at the News & Record main site, but linking to the Rockingham Now page. So I'm not sure if it will actually be in the Greensboro (dead tree) paper:

    The affidavit filed by Cushman states that the real estate agency selling the home said on Feb. 11 that the home was unoccupied and that upon information and belief, that it remained that way through Feb. 28.

    Subpoenaed to testify, Real Estate Agent John Hall with ReMax/BlueSky in Reidsville, stated the reason Cushman was told the home was unoccupied was because Hall wasn’t made aware of the fact that the home had been leased out by real estate agent Barbara Moore.

    Cross examination by Cushman’s attorney Thursday continued their attempt to prove whether or not Mangrum has attempted to establish her residency in Reidsville.

    Questions were asked about if her kids ever visited her Reidsville home. Mangrum testified that they had visited once or twice and that she goes to the Greensboro home regularly to visit her kids.

    Questions were also raised about what church she attended, what civic groups she was a part of and if she subscribed to the local newspaper.

    And that last sentence right there should be grounds for the State Board to throw this ruling out. What church she attends or what civic groups she has joined *have absolutely nothing to do* with her eligibility to run, and are purely partisan campaign issues at best.

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    If Berger can't stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen.

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    It's "counsel," for dog's sake. And there's still nothing in this guy's paper/paper, just Tweets.