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    Whatever he says he's going to do (drain the swamp), he does the opposite. Whatever crimes he accuses others of (collusion), he does himself. And of course calling other people liars (fake news!), is actually his daily routine. The man lies incessantly and promotes hokey conspiracy theories on social media.

    He's exactly the kind of President section 4 of the 25th Amendment was designed for.

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    J. Peder Zane is showing his ass once again:

    This complicated history reminds us that the turmoil now engulfing our nation is nothing new. It shows that we have often emerged from such periods as a better nation. Our past suggests that the troubling excesses now on display (from anti-democratic mobs razing public monuments to an unrestrained “cancel culture” ruining private lives) will not destroy our nation.

    You're right, it won't destroy our nation, it's actually making it stronger. The myth of the Lost Cause in the South has kept slavery alive in the minds of our businesses and courts, holding minorities back and incarcerating them at horrendous levels. Jim Crow has been kept alive for way too long, and it's past time for monuments to that racist culture to be removed from the public square.

    As to that "cancel culture" issue, I'ma throw some Libertarian wisdom at you: the Free Market supposedly has a regulating influence built into it, called "negative externalities." If a business (or the owner of) acts in an immoral fashion, people will stop buying their products. So when Karen decides to call the police on a black family having a picnic or swimming in a pool, Karen's boss has a decision to make. Keep her and lose money, or send her to the unemployment line. And that's a no-brainer.

    But each moment is different and to understand this one we must acknowledge a key but largely ignored driver of the current protests: The anger and frustration resulting from the broken promises and systemic failures of liberal social policies.

    Nice try, but it's really about black people that are tired of being afraid to drive to the damn quickie mart, afraid they won't make it back home because of a trigger-happy deputy.

    While the civil rights acts of 1964 and 1965 successfully dismantled Jim Crow--

    Bullshit. The red lines on the map may have disappeared, but Black people still couldn't buy a house there. It just shifted Jim Crow into the mortgage loan office.

    --LBJ’s Great Society promised a “war on poverty” through government programs including Medicaid, food stamps and public housing.

    We have spent trillions on these programs in the decades since. Yes, all that money – and other programs such as affirmative action – have made some difference. But the disparities in health and wealth, in crime rates and education, between wealthier Americans and the urban blacks and rural whites those programs targeted, have diminished little.

    A chief reason is that macroeconomic factors – especially global competition that has led to stagnant wages, especially for low-skilled workers – overwhelmed government interventions.

    In fact, many of those "global competitors" were actually American corporate executives who moved their operations elsewhere to take advantage of cheap labor and offshore tax havens. And Republicans (over and over again) have catered to them, giving them Trillions in tax cuts, while also shredding our social safety net for the U.S. workers that were abandoned.

    If you want to know who is responsible for our lack of progress, look in a fucking mirror.

    As a result government money aimed at raising up people has often bred dependence. Welfare programs also destabilized the family; out-of-wedlock births have soared for all groups since 1965.

    You know what? If I really wanted to read nonsense like that, I'd just go find that dinosaur Walter Williams. You've hit the bottom of your rhetorical barrel, and are sounding more like a cranky old white male letter writer than a columnist. Why don't you take an extended vacation? Until next Summer, or maybe 2025?

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    is that you just know that the slimy little grifter will have a soft landing in some wingnut welfare think tank where he'll continue to be paid a hefty salary for spewing hate. These kind of rightwing loudmouths never suffer any consequences for their behavior that aren't ultimately turned to their advantage by the aid and comfort of the oligarchs that support them.