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    Or probably not "no one."

    They're looking for a special population of a super-wealthy 5% and a completely marginalized 95% that will make life easier for the upper crust: clean houses, cook, take care of children, teach, and harvest crops. That's the plan.

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    in the above was his answer to a student's question about what he liked best about his job. It was of course "talking to students," because Dan has mastered the art of pandering to his audience. If he was in a pet store it would be "talking to hamsters."

    I just can't with this guy.

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    Turning straw men into scare crows since before Christ was born?

    The nerve of that guy to whine about the lack of truth-telling, while supporting the lying POS in the White House. Now that's what I call shameless hypocrisy.

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    Perhaps someone with more tech savvy interests than me can track this down, but I recall that there was some kind of open source app or software released, maybe around 2013, that could analyze different texts and determine which ones were written by the same authors based on sentence structure, word choices and the like.

    It would be very curious to run this on several right-wing sites like Longleaf, Civitas, etc.

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    and this particular article could have been taken right off Civitas or JLF:

    The next frontier in state corporate tax reform is the NC franchise tax

    Since gaining a majority of the General Assembly in 2011, North Carolina Republicans have succeeded in steadily cutting the corporate tax rate.

    Today, North Carolina’s 3% corporate tax rate is among the lowest in the United States. And the state has been richly rewarded for that — with a slew of economic development announcements and the Forbes “Best State for Business” designation two years running.

    So what’s the next frontier in business tax reform? The NC franchise tax, most likely.

    While this tax isn’t widely understood, it can make a huge impact especially on small to mid-size businesses. And some of North Carolina’s most powerful business groups want to put this on the General Assembly’s radar this year.

    Blah blah blah...