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    is that it's actually a really poor drug that should never have been approved by the FDA to begin with. While it may be basically safe, it's efficacy is very low, not really all that much better than a placebo. The FDA's own advisory panel recommended against approving it. I can see exactly why the CMS is not willing to spend limited dollars on something that is almost certainly ineffective. I understand the desperation of Alzheimers patients and their families (we went through this with my mother-in-law), but that's no excuse for CMS dropping $28,000/year/patient on a drug that has no clearly demonstrable effect.

    And on another note entirely, I can only say that I hope Sarah Palin gets her wish about vaccination (okay, not really, but lets just say that she's setting herself up for a Herman Cain award with a statement like that.)

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    just what effect it has had on the housing market, driving prices up since borrowing is so cheap.

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    The Fed artificially keeping interest rates low has been a pet peeve of mine for some time.

    The only thing it does is drive up demand, allowing people to go into debt for homes or vehicles they really can't afford, and artificially goose the stock market. Keeping interest rates low discourages savings and pushes people with money to put more in the stock market.

    If you're saving for retirement, you need a balanced portfolio and regular savings needs to be a part of that to provide stability. If you have a savings account, your returns for some time have been pitiful - down in the tenth of a percentage point - so many people throw the money at the stock market, hoping for better returns.

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    Breyer's replacement will not be stopped by GOP obstruction. It may not change the balance of the court, but it makes sure we don't lose any more ground. It's our job to get more progressives in the Senate to finally have a shot at expanding the court in the next few years (as should be done anyway, give how the federal court system is structured.) Ultimately, that's how we'll finally eliminate the threat that the current court majority represents to our democracy.

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    "We don't need none a yer commie bullshit, boy. We the ones who git to say what 'doctrination is by god and we don give a happy crap what you think."