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    After Trump's "send her back" display and grossly racist tweets, the Charlotte City Council is "grabbling" with their decision to host the 2020 RNC convention.

    I still say that the civil disturbances by white supremicists and Neo-Nazis, just itching for another deadly Charlottesville, combined with the huge increase in hate crimes that has been documented in every county were Trump has had a rally will offset any economic benefits to the city.

    Trump and the leadership of the GOP - including Berger and Moore - learned nothing from Charlottesville and keep stoking racial and religious-based violence. The potential for civil disturbances and years of expensive city litigation about security around the event and the resulting fallout are just too great to host RNC HateFest 2020.

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    from Billy Ball at NC Policy Watch:

    Since their launch in 2015, these two schools have never risen above a “D” school performance grade. They have never met pre-set student growth goals. And not a single shred of that is surprising.

    In April, Education Week reported that nearly three-quarters of students enrolled in virtual charters nationwide attended a high school where less than half graduated in four years. Their graduation woes are anything but atypical. In state after state, virtual charters have struggled mightily, lagging on test scores, academic growth and attendance, Education Week found.

    In 2015, a much-publicized report by Stanford researchers went spelunking in virtual charters’ deepest recesses, finding that math students were so delayed, it was as if they did not attend school – at all – for an entire year.

    Virtual charter experiments in other states ended in bitter, expensive lawsuits. In 2016, K12 Inc., which runs N.C. Virtual Academy, settled a lawsuit with then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris, agreeing to dispense millions in payments and debt relief over claims that they’d inflated test scores and attendance to bilk public money from the state, something they’d wholly denied.

    Something else we've learned from this debacle: Republicans apparently don't understand (or refuse to) what the definition of a "Pilot" program is. It is a trial program, a testing program, to see if an idea has any merit before it is merged with other established programs into the whole. By all measurements, virtual charters have failed to meet those requirements, but that doesn't seem to matter to the rabid Choicers.

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    I'm dropping this in the comments today and may not post later embeds of the case, but you can easily find it by clicking the "Live TV" icon on WRAL going forward.

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    on his Facebook page, where he had the lame idea of bragging about his Photo Op with DeVos.

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