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    Grier has never been that outspoken, just does his job every day with integrity and purpose. So when he says something like this, you know the problem is not being blown out of proportion, or whatever other Trumpscuse is being used that day.

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    I gotta say, I really love these Fifth Columnist Alt-gov accounts. Whoever this person is, he or she deserves a medal.

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    in this race, and hopefully both he and Kristen will prevail in November. Incumbent Bob Byrd has been the lone Democrat on this board for the last few years, and even though he's had to endure sometimes outrageous treatment from a couple of his fellow (Republican) Commissioners, he's always advocated fiercely for what is right.

    You can learn more about Bob and show your support right here, and help us keep a good progressive in office.

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    of Trump's comments when meeting with Putin simply cannot be conveyed in this medium. This isn't just a "straw" that broke the camel's back, it's a damn redwood tree falling on that poor beast.

    That said, unless McCain and Flake and Graham and others are prepared to do more than just chastise him with words, nothing will change.

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    You know, every now and the Onion publishes something that makes me bark outloud in laughter, and this carp rental thing is one of them...