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    But it may be that DHHS would need to make the complaint to DOJ first, to get that ball rolling with the momentum of two Executive departments. But it should work.

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    to get rid of the Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science rule without having to jump through all of the rule-making hoops. Just have Justice issue an opinion that it is a violation of federal law (HIPAA) and strike it that way. Then everything reverts to the old rules which were perfectly fine. There will be plenty of other rules they'll have to take out (or reimpose) the hard way, so we may as well dispense with this one as quickly and neatly as possible.

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    On "building bridges", remember that Walker

    • was a strong and prominent proponent of NC's HB2,
    • was an opponent of the Violence Against Women Act that would have sought to reduce sexual assault on college campuses,
    • highlighted elimination of the Affordable Care Act as his "top priority",
    • advocated use of the National Guard on the US border and was ok with starting a war with Mexico over immigration,
    • was one of the instigators who stormed into a closed secure committee meeting on crimes committed by Trump to distrupt the meeting for several hours.

    The only "bridges" this GOP nutcase has built is to Trump fanatics and evangelicals. He and McCrory are the poster children for everything that's wrong with North Carolina.

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    I'm sure Trump doesn't give a hoot about the Senate Republicans, even though they saved his ass during the Impeachment process and gave him free reign to piss all over the court system.

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