• Reply to: Chapter 27 in the book of GOP hypocrisies, energy inequality   43 min 6 sec ago

    Fracking has been proven (several times) to be a serious threat to local water wells, not to mention a corrosive element when it comes to property values. But that is to be protected from local ordinances, while Solar is left undefended, from propaganda and flat Earth idiots. SMFH.

  • Reply to: Bill Rabon plays the privatization game, and wins big-time   1 hour 12 min ago

    In addition to pissing away taxpayer dollars in the name of private profits, there's also all the lost jobs in DOT. What sucks even more, those former state employees often end up working for said private contractors doing the same exact job they were doing before, but getting paid less and with fewer benefits like health insurance and pensions. Grrr.

  • Reply to: Wednesday News: Putting VoterID to rest   1 day 17 min ago

    And again, why (in the name of all that's holy) would Larry Hall join the GOP in defying a court order? Form over substance, on steroids...

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    John Wynne seems to be having quite a good time stirring the pot, but I think (deep down) he is painfully embarrassed by the behavior of his own party, on both the state and national level. May be his way of "coping," but I wouldn't be surprised to see him switch sides pretty soon.

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    It's quite an accomplishment to be recognized as insane in politics today.