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    to come up with his attacks on Planned Parenthood. This is a classic anti-choice trope that they've tried for years with African-Americans to try and get their backing. It largely hasn't worked because it's patently untrue. Sanger herself was solidly anti-abortion (arguing that widely available birth control would eliminate abortion) and had no particularly racist tendencies. She did have a tendency toward eugenics (as many did in the 1910s) but applied it on class rather than racial lines. She certainly did not, nor did her successors at PP, ever have genocidal intent or effect. This is just more of our little Dan showing his delusional fundamentalist nature. It's unlikely to have the effect he wants and it's certainly not going to peel off any of the African-American vote from Cooper in November.

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    to break Duke's monopoly of NC. It's long past time that we returned the public utilities to the, you know, public. Duke has been doing everything possible to keep all the power (in every sense) in their own corporate hands. We need to take that power back and use it to advance clean, affordable power generation and distribution for all North Carolinians.

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    will probably take a back seat to the race for biggest liar. Of course, Mark Meadows is also in the running.

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    ... and the other GOP Senators not running for election this year need to be reminded that the public will have a long memory on this. It may be two years from now, four, or decades, but we will remember and vote accordingly.

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    and the sham trial begins. And the United States Senate just lost whatever shreds of integrity it once had.