2008 Primary Election Analysis: NC-03

This is a cross-post from Bloviations and is the first in a series of posts examining 2008 Primary Elections in Onslow County.

Primary 2008 over and all that’s left is to clear the battlefields of the dead and wounded. For North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District, that means sweeping away Democrat Marshall Adame and Republican Joe McLaughlin.

Craig Weber defeated Marshall Adame by nearly 30,000 votes (or 39% of votes cast).

This was, to me, the most surprising contest of all.

Weber, who failed to attract attention in 2006, somehow gathered the attentions of tens of thousands of voters. How this was done when he spent 2007 outside political activity is beyond my comprehension. Even in 2008, Weber’s calendar was light when compared to Adame’s. Was this a result of unaffiliated and new Democrats unfamiliar with Weber’s previous campaign? Was this a failure by Adame to capture the imaginations of voters?

The most important question of all, though, is this: Can Weber maintain this momentum?

Weber received more votes (51,408) than the total votes cast in the Republican primary for the same seat (38,144). If these Democratic voters return in November, it may mean a new blue shade for Eastern NC.

On the Republican ballot, former Onslow County Commissioner Joe McLaughlin lost his bid to unseat Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr.

Jones, Jr. barely (relatively speaking) defeated McLaughlin by 7,262 votes (or 19.04% of the votes cast).

Clearly, the Republican voters in the 3rd District saw through McLaughlin’s far-right-wing (as in even-more-far-right-wing than Jones, Jr.) rhetoric and supported Jones, Jr.

Though I’m no fan of Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr., I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, there are few things worse for NC-03 than Walter B. Jones, Jr. One of them is Joe McLaughlin. It’s a darned good thing that he’s out of Eastern NC politics, even if it’s for a limited time.

And now, onto November…Has Weber corrected whatever deficiencies he had in 2006? Can he convince voters to give him money for advertisements? Can he convince the NCDP, the DCCC, and the DNC to support a Democratic candidate in a near-permanently Red district? Can Jones, Jr. get the Republicans to support him? Will the NCGOP, NRCC, or the NRC support him?



It's mind-boggling what happened here ... I sure wish I had some insight into what's really going on with Weber.

Good to have you back posting, Thomas!

Marshall was a victim of a inside job by the boys!

Craig Weber defeated Marshall Adame by nearly 30,000 votes (or 39% of votes cast).

This was, to me, the most surprising contest of all.* Thomas Brock

There is no way Weber[weatherman] beat Marshall! No doubt Marshall made many enemies with the Military Industrial Complex by exposing BlackWater big time here and on some national sites. Election Fraud has taken place whether you believe it or not!!!!! Marshall you need to contact these folks!


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I have said before what this is about

As one who spent many years in Pitt County Politics I am aware of the recent attempts from Greeville, Raleigh, and Washington DC to bring Walter Jones, Jr back to the party. In Weber they had two thing, one if Walter lost this nomination, they Weber was to step down as the nominee, two if Water wins the nominatin then Walter will get a free ride to re-election, then in Jan. 2009 the Jones courtship to the Democrats returns. This was Weber,s use, and why he is backed by the party.

No Craig Cannot overcome!

This quote is taken from Craig's web site:

"2. Craig won the 2008 N.C. Primaries on Tuesday, May 6th with 69.2% of the votes. 53,846 of the 77,734 votes cast in the US Congress District 3 (Dem) race went to Craig!"

I had no idea that he won all the primaries! Damn he is good! This guy is an idiot and should not even be on the ballot, how in the world did Adame loose to this clown? He must not have had as good of an organization as was led on.

As far as the "Party" supporting Weber, they do not support anyone in the 3rd District except Walter Jones. From Meek on down, there is no real interest in throwing this bum out of office

I often wonder if Harry and Nancy were really outraged by the K Street Project or just pissed that they didn't think of it first.