2010 Elections: Craig Weber Announces Third Bid for Jones, Jr’s Seat

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In what can only be described as an egomaniacal trip down horror alley, Craig Weber has announced via email his third bid for North Carolina’s Third Congressional seat.

The text is below.

To all,

I want to thank you for every effort that you made in this past election. It took a bit of time to come around. I was quite upset to say the least about the vote in the Third District. I needed to gain my thoughts and have taken time to put things into perspective. Please pass on to all whom you encounter and let them know how much I appreciate your effort. I have tried to ‘face to face’ thank many since the election. I cannot tell you how many people of the many different factions have said, "Wait until next time." My mind just couldn’t imagine them thinking that we could pull this off, if we just stay in the game a bit longer and don’t give up. I know this, and that is why we need the Best Representation in Our District, and we are not getting it. Walter has generated nothing and inspired nothing. We need a Progressive and Positive Figure not a Conservative One. We need Jobs and Improvements and he doesn’t know how to get there. I will do this again, one more time in an off year election. The People Must Come First, for their Welfare of Future and Family being the most important issue. The Welfare of the People of Eastern North Carolina is the Primary Concern, and I will do what ever is necessary to make life better for My Home and the People living here. Whatever it takes.

With Warm Regards,


Weber For Congress

Somehow, after losing in 2006 (69% to 31%) and 2008 (66% to 34%), Weber still thinks he can win in Eastern North Carolina. He’s deluded and on a serious ego trip which will only maintain the perception of NC-03 being home to a bunch of back-water rubes.

Mr. Weber, please, do all of us in NC-03 a tremendous favor, do not run for Congress in 2010.


I was scared to click, Thomas

I wasn't sure where you would fall on this. We are in agreement. I think Walter owns that district until he is ready to retire.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Oh, come now, Betsy...

Surely, you know me better...


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