50 State Blog Network Roundup

Left in Alabama
Barack Obama visited Alabama on Monday. Here's a local perspective on the event.
Turnover in the state Democratic party has Arizona wondering.
Healthcare reform seems to be moving in California, with legislation that might even have a chance of a signature of the governator.
Does Sen. Ken Salazar fear his own shadow? His positions, or lack thereof, on Iraq seem to suggest so.
My Left Nutmeg
Remember "moderate" Chris Shays? Well he's looking for more war. In the meantime, the state's GOP keeps blaming others for their failures. Whatever happened to the party of personal responsibility?
Delaware Liberal
Sen. Joe Biden is criticizing centrist Republicans for not standing up to their parties extremists. Then one of Delaware's own shows his full support for President Bush and his war.
FLA Politics
Another Republican caught soliciting prostitutes? Look for the how to guide on building Florida's progressive community.
Tondee's Tavern
Georgia gives a big "WTF?" to statements of BushCo's stopping terrorists attacks in Georgia. Oh and in a twist to our theme, Georgia's Republican was caught soliciting sex from a male undercover cop.
Republican ethical problems in Hawaii too. Surprised? I thought not.
43rd State Blues
Idaho's conservative blogosphere tries to defend the surge, but 43rd State Blues will have none of it. Oh yeah, and their Republican soliciting prostitutes went after a male undercover police officer too.
Ray LaHood (R) says no to Bradley University and is staying put. Mark Kirk (R) won't say anything at all to Iraq war vets. He's headed towards a big challenge.
Blue Indiana
Gov. Mitch Daniels problems aren't related to prostitutes, they're budgetary.
Bleeding Heartland
Sen. Tom Harkin is posting at Bleeding Heartland. He's looking for Republicans to stand up to the President and party leadership on Iraq.
Daily Kingfish
Louisiana is rightfully abuzz over the revelation that Sen. David Vitter has been frequenting prostitutes (and now the Republican response), but they haven't forgotten about State Rep. Jim Tucker (R) and his ethics problems either.
Turn Maine Blue
While Sen. Collins flip-flops on Iraq, her challenger Tom Allen remains steadfast in opposition.
Free State Politics
Free State Politics catches the Baltimore examiner in right-wing health news coverage.
While former Governor Mitt Romney is embarrassed about being a Republican, current Governor Deval Patrick is busy bringing reality-based decisions to Beacon Hill.
Michigan Liberal
Republican Rep. Joe Knollenberg shows that he can run from Iraq questions too. Meanwhile, the State legislature has prolonged their vacation.
Minnesota Campaign Report
Second quarter fundraising numbers are coming in. In Minnesota, their taking a look.
Cottonmouth Blog
The effects of Katrina linger on for the Mississippi coast, don't let it be forgotten.
Fired Up! Missouri
How much does it cost to bribe, er... encourage, Gov. Matt Blunt? Now, you too can find out.
Left in the West
How bad is it becoming for Republican's in Montana? Well, a state Senator says he might vote for Democrat Max Baucus for Senate and the GOP doesn't really push back.
New Nebraska
The Nebraska governor's office wants nothing to do with sex. Nothing. Of any kind. And this time they mean it.
New Hampshire
Blue Hampshire
Senators Gregg and Sununu can't seem to make up their mind on Iraq.
New Jersey
Blue Jersey
Tomorrow Jim Dean, chair of DFA, talks with Blue Jersey Radio. Maybe they'll mention how their Republican congressmen rolled over to President Bush on Iraq.
New Mexico
New Mexico FBIHOP
Heather Wilson has not just one, but two challengers lining up to get a chance at her seat.
New York
the albany project
New York firefighters are talking about the real Rudy Giuliani. It should come as no surprise that he isn't the same person he plays on TV.
New York
Daily Gotham
And about that Rudy and the Firefighters spat... Fred Thompson's all over it.
North Carolina
Blue NC
A recent PPP Poll shows State Representative Grier Martin with a fair chance of retiring Senator Elizabeth Dole if he were to challenge her in the 2008 elections. BlueNC community members have been busy with several action plans and are celebrating the passage of Same Day Voter Registration legislation that was championed by the Young Dems of North Carolina.
North Dakota
North Decoder
Republican's aren't the party of small government, not even in North Dakota.
As Ohio Goes
Read a book review of the behind-the-scenes look into Rep-now-Sen. Sherrod Brown's campaign run Connie Schultz's new book, "... and His Lovely Wife: A Memoir from the Woman Beside the Man"
Buckeye State Blog
Buckeye State Blog has a week full of top notch posts... this one stands out for the images, Breaking: The Ohio GOP's DC Madam Connection. Prostitutes!
blue oklahoma
Republican Tom Coburn doesn't care about family values.
Loaded Orygun
Loaded Orygun is becoming a community blog (SoapBlox) on Sunday. That's all the better for encouraging programs like Oregonians for Relationship Equality.
Keystone Politics
Keystone Politics covers some far weightier issues this week, but this may be the lamest excuse ever for being caught in questionable circumstances.
Rhode Island
Rhode Island's Future
Rhode Island's Democratic activists are lining up behind Presidential candidates.
South Dakota
Clean Cut Kid
Is open government coming to South Dakota? It remains to be seen.
Knox Views
The evolution of the South is coming to Eastern Tennesee.
Burnt Orange Report
The death of the Republican party in Texas? Burnt Orange Report takes stock of how extremists have created electoral turmoil for the Republicans of Texas.
Texas Kaos
Rick Noriega is announcing the beginning of his bid to unseat John Cornyn.
Wasatch Watcher
Salt Lake City is looking for a new major and Keith Christensen is being considered.
Green Mountain Daily
Democrats failed to override the Republican governor's veto of their energy bill. Here's the next step.
Raising Kaine
Raising Kaine speculates how Virginia might looks with a different Senator in "How About a Trade? Webb For McConnell"
Efforts to stop electronic voting in Washington state continue.
West Virginia
West Virginia Blue
When West Virginia Blue isn't busy calling out biased newspaper coverage they're busy noting how ineffective the advocates for vulnerable Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito's (WV-02) are.
Uppity Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Assembly's GOP revealed their idea of a state budget. Surprise, surprise, it looks awfully cynical and partisan.



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