50 State Blog Network Roundup - 12/7/2007

Today's 50-state blog roundup is brought to you by the letters B, N, and C - BlueNC. Major, major hat-tip to Betsy, who really did all the work. If you aren't reading your state's blog, you should be, because "all politics is local" should be more than a motto. This is an interesting week, the Presidential Primary is heating up in the early states (see below), while Virginia holds a special election next Tuesday. At the same time state legislatures seem to be trying and sneak in some iffy legislation before the holiday season. Enjoy!

p.s. It's my birthday this weekend, I'll keep celebrating until I turn 40.

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   DVD maker (and tax break recipient) Cinram kicked over a hornet's nest when they decided to import 1350 workers from third world countries for "seasonal" jobs in Alabama.

   Attempting to restore the dominance of big money in Arizona politics, State Treasurer Dean Martin is once again trying to overturn Arizona's Clean Elections law.

   Usual Republican suspects trying to use fear and smear against Mark Udall in our Senate race.
AND,    Jared Polis give his final report from a very productive trip to Iraq.

   Ambassador John McCarthy running in the 32nd district - all politics is local. This is how you build "a bench".

   Robert in Monterey tells us where the rubber meets the road.. or the cash in this case.
AND,    The Republican dirty trick, so called electoral "reform", has been delayed past the June 2008 election.

   Florida Politics outlines another shady deal for Jeb. (Bush)

   At Tondee's Tavern they're giving credit where credit is due.

   At 43rd State Blues they have actual photo's of Larry Craig At 43rd State Blues they have actual photo's of Larry CraigAt 43rd State Blues they have actual photo's of Larry Craig

   At 43rd State Blues they have actual photo's of Larry Craig's wood. ewwwww

   Prarie State Blue reports on a big endorsement for IL-03 canidate Mark Pera

   Blue Indiana takes a look at a possible scandal that is brewing inside Republican Governor Mitch Daniels' office.

   desmoinesdem gives a scoop of the Energy Bill

   Andrew Horne

   Mitch McConnell

   Louisiana 1976 talks up the political and economic benefit of holding conventions in New Orleans (as a side note, my first convention was in NOLA and was the best, absolute best).

   Contrary to popular belief, Spud1 points out that Collins is not a moderate when she votes for Bush policies.

   What are the effects of Michigan's new voter ID law?
AND,    Michigan Liberal's MichLib Meetup was a complete success!

   Did bloggers give Maryland's Democratic legislators a fair shake during the recent special session? The legislators, for one, say no.

   Joe Bodell reports on a NYT profile of Senate canidate Al Franken and GOP Hypocrisy
AND    Governor Tim Pawlenty Playing Politics in the face of crisis (again)?

   Fired Up Missouri keeps up it's great reporting on Blunt's Eckersley Scandal.

   Run, Steve, Run! That's what Montana progressives are saying about Steve Doherty.

   On Wednesday, President George W. Bush helped raise a reported $750,000 for Republican Senate candidate Mike Johanns, but neither could escape the damning words of Sen. Chuck Hagel.

   We finally have a candidate against Jon Porter in NV-03, one of the most vulnerable House members nationwide. Clark County Prosecutor Robert Daskas announced his campaign last week.

New Hampshire
   Blue Hampshire has all the coolest news about what is happening up there, including Clinton accusing Obama of push polling.

New Mexico
   In New Mexico, a school district finally rescinded an Intelligent Design policy in place since 2005.

New York
   The Albany Project tells of a Republican City Councilman form Queens accused of raping one of his constituents and his "Rudy Defense"

North Carolina
   Anglico challenges the notion of God in politics.

North Dakota
   Public school teacher in Bismarck, North Dakota, forces 8th grade Jewish girl to watch video suggesting all non-Christians will burn in hell.

   Buckeye State Blog reports on Republican discontent in the OH-5 race.

   Loaded Orygun spent much of the week covering the major storm that hit the Northwest with deadly results. Some areas lost almost all contact with the outside world, others lost their 911 service. Maybe the biggest loss was the final demise of Oregon's Klootchy Creek Sitka spruce--but in maybe the only light moment, there's a new "largest single living organism" to take its place...!

   Phil Forgit is the man to win VA's special election next Tuesday. Interviews with the candidate.

   The AT&T statewide cable franchise bill is headed back to the Tennessee legislature. Not surprisingly, the Knoxville News Sentinel has once again taken the pro-big business, anti-consumer anti-local government position and endorsed it.

   The opportunity to defeat a Republican Senator in Texas becomes clearer with new poll results on the Texas Senate Race.

   Obama first Democratic presidential candidate to setup a campaign office in Utah.

West Virginia
   The W.Va. GOP is promoting a platform of "Unleashing Capitalism." Carnacki uses an assist from Krugman to point out Capitalism needs a leash.

   Uppity Wisconson reports on Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler's corruption getting national coverage



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