50 state Blog Roundup - 2/15/08

There are some interesting stories coming out of the 50 State community blogs. If you don't see your favorite state on the list check out the state blogrolls at Open Left and MyDD.

I'm sorry we didn't post at Open Left last week. There was a coding issue and I'm not talented enough to fix it.


   Phillip Martin of Burnt Orange Report lays out the strategy of how Barack Obama can win Texas.

   First recorded version of Ginsberg's HOWL was in Berkley, right? Nope--a new discovery puts it at Portland's Reed College, 52 years ago this Valentine's Day.

   Clinton, Obama campaigning for - but not IN - Michigan

   desmoinesdem discusses the preferences of Iowa's superdelegates and notes that Democracy for America has endorsed Ed Fallon, who is challenging incumbent Leonard Boswell in the primary to represent Iowa's third Congressional district.

New York
   The Daily Gotham diagnoses a rebellion among national Democrats and wonders what that means for the State of New York.

   As the focus on the Democratic Presidential Primary shifts to Texas, Fort Worth Is Fired Up and Ready to Go!

   Incumbent Republican John Shadegg is out of the picture in AZ CD3 and Bob Lord has received increased support from local and national Democrats.

   Arnold Schwarzenegger talks a big game about putting all options on the table, but won't be forthright about the need to raise revenue.

New Mexico
   New Mexico's filing deadline came and went this week, and now we know who is running for the three open House and one open Senate seats. Fun times.

   Republican State Rep. Nancy Wagner uses earmarks to give her husband a job. Rev. Chris Bullock announces his candidacy for Delaware's sole congressional seat. State Sen. Harris McDowell delays Delaware's move to wind power with meaningless hearings.

   RK Conference Call with Gov. Kaine.

South Dakota
   What Was That You Were Saying, Gov. Rounds?

   Is Utah the worlds nuclear landfill?

West Virginia
   W.Va. state Sen. Hunter says "I introduced Senate Bill 588 because I fervently believe that God did not intend for us to destroy the mountains, the streams, the forests and His people in order to mine coal." Jay the Telcom Operator: Sen Rockefeller's unwavering support of telco immunity earns him a new nickname "One Ringy-Dingy Rocky" (with a must-see photoplay by OneCitizen).

   SurveyUSA indicates a dead heat between incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and Democratic challenger Al Franken.

   Mooncat brings us a heartbreaker on Valentines Day. Read about payday lenders preying on the elderly and disabled.

   At Squarestate, David Sirota is reporting a Colorado Superdelegate plans to ignore the will of Colorado voters.

North Carolina
   At BlueNC, Jerimee reports that Congressman Brad Miller has taken a leadership role in passing the contempt resolution.

   Shays embarrasses Connecticut.....again.

   At Uppity Wisconsin, xoff says Wisconsin doesn't need another presidential debate.

   At Tondee's Tavern we find tha Rep. David Scott flipped to Obama and Rep. John Lewis is looking that way.

   At 43rd State Blues Idahogie takes on the Super Delegate petitions floating around with a convincing argument.

   At Prairie State Blue, Michael in Chicago writes about raising Democratic visibility.

   Must see video at Blue Indiana. An Indiana State Rep., John Elrod (R) is caught on tape doing campaign work during a legislative session.

   Donna Edwards wins! And Eric looks at the implications of that victory.