50 State Blog Roundup - 4/26/08

We're down to the final days before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. We have a complete primer on the North Carolina primary process posted at BlueNC. Blue Indiana has this first in a series posted at this link.

In North Carolina the excitement has spilled over to the down ballot races. It's the biggest year I can remember in my voting life. I was 14 the last time North Carolina had a say in who would be the Democratic nominee. I'm almost 46. At this rate it may never happen again in my life, so I'm enjoying every minute of it. I can even get past the negative ads so that I can celebrate the unprecedented voter registration numbers and so that I'm prepared to help the other North Carolina races take advantage of the organization efforts once all eyes are on to the next state.

On to the roundup:

   demoinesdem has taken to providing a "McCain Shameful Behavior Roundup" to help us keep track of the myriad reasons not to vote for him

   Uppity Wisconsin traces the history and legacy of Earth Day and its founder, Sen. Gaylord Nelson

New Mexico
   The Center for Independent Media launched the New Mexico Independent with FBIHOP's own Matthew Reichbach as a writer for the new online news source.

Texas elects its judges, which can lead to a whole mess of issues. Texas Kaos traces one of those issues related to campaign contributions in Connecting the Dots-Texas Justice Edition.

   Homewood Alabama Mayor unilaterally decided to give John McCain's campaign an 80% discount on room rental for a fundraiser and provided free inmate labor for setup. Previously, a Homewood citizen was required to pay the full charge for the room to host a Democratic event there.

   "Dominion has been making up the truth in Virginia for a long time, but, thanks to the efforts and activism of people like you, its days of unchecked power are coming to an end."

South Dakota
   Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are turning their attention to the South Dakota primary on June 3.

   Burnt Orange Report, having just celebrated its 5th Anniversary as a blog, is a member of the Texas Blog PAC which just endorsed its first candidate with a $5000 check.

   The Budget Deficit is growing, it's now at $10 Billion.

   Bob Lord, challenging John Shadegg in AZ CD-3, practices what he preaches with solar polar

North Carolina
   BlueNC favorite Larry Kissell is featured in a well-written article in The Nation magazine while despicable Patrick McHenry is featured in Roll Call as having paid for an employee's legal defense out of his leadership PAC. His offense? Voter Fraud.

West Virginia
   At West Virginia Blue Clem outlines why Obama is the best candidate for West Virginia and for America.

   Indiana Blue gives us a rundown on delegate math - the Indiana and Guam editions.

   Vermont's latest attempt at campaign finance reform goes down in defeat.

North Dakota
   They are seeing double in North Dakota....or at least they're trying to.

   Zack Space has a little more job security.

   At Michigan Liberal, Perfectstormer decides that being out is better than being silent. Bravo.



Republican Crime Spree Continues In America with Hal Daub

He came from North Carolina to Nebraska in the 1960s.

He may have committed similar crimes there.

He ran a ficticious "Patriotic Program" in Omaha, Nebraska, to gain access to women and children to prey on them in their own homes.

Nebraskans sent him to Congress.

Omaha then sent him to the Mayor's Office.

Trent Stewart sent him packing with his tail between his legs.

George Bush nominated him to his Administration.

Mr. Stewart made certain the President of the United States was aware of the type of filth he had in his Administration. George W. Bush sent him back home.

He ran for US Senate for about a week, then withdrew when he realized he was exposed as a heroin pusher and serial rapist.

The law is about to catch up to him after nearly forty years.

His name is Hal Daub.

He spends most of his time at his office with Blackwell, Sanders, Pepper, Moran in Virginia as a lobbyist.

He's going down like the other criminals of the GOP who broke the law.

You need to know.

You can help by demanding an investigation into this man's past BEFORE the remaining witnesses and victims die off.

This Public Service Message brought to you by Heroin Hal Daub's "Republican Sex Offenders For A Stronger America" (Serial Rapist Hal Daub, Chair; Steve Long, Victim/Witness Silence Enforcer). More accurately, brought to you by the victims of Hal Daub and the Boycott Nebraska Initiative.

Visit USENET (newsgroups) and check out the virus free JPG photos and scans attached to posts entitled “Boycott Nebraska” in alt.mothers, alt.firefighters, alt.support.rape-survivors, talk.rape, alt.law-enforcement, nebr.gov, soc.veterans, and a hundred more.

The Republican Rapist and Heroin Pusher

The Cover Up


The Crime


The Republican Rapist's Hunting Ground In Omaha

The Church’s Name Sake, The Miracles of Lourdes, France

Platform committees

And here's a little Colorado update: A friend of mine (and James from BlueNC) is on the Dems platform committee for the state of Colorado. They're in the last of 3 weekends working on building the state platform and folks are chosen for that at the previous years State Convention. I've learned a number of things just knowing someone on the committee, like state party officials can essentially veto anything the platform committee comes up with. This seems rather unfair to me. They've worked through most of the resolutions submitted at caucus' and county party meetings and are boiling it down to a document that should reflect what democrats in Colorado think. Sometimes I wonder if we can't have more of an impact by doing stuff like this than by many of the other options open to those of us that don't run.