50 State Blog Roundup - Eve of SC Primary

On the eve of the South Carolina primary, those of us near the state are busy canvassing, calling and doing everything we can to stay on top of the local news. Earlier today I pulled up every online newspaper I could find listed for the state and found that the local news was doing a better job than the national media at portraying the race for the Democratic presidential nomination as a three person race.

John Edwards had plenty of press in the local news with at least one or two of the larger papers touting his rise in the polls and a couple of the smaller ones still reporting last week's news. It was interesting to see that some papers showed only pictures of Clinton and Edwards and at least one paper showed only Barack Obama. Since online "front pages" change frequently, I obviously only had a snapshot of what was being shown at that particular time. However, if it was indicative of the mood of voters in South Carolina, might the national press and the pundits that bloviate therein be out of touch with what's really going on in South Carolina? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

In the meantime, your bloggers at the 50 State Blog Network have been busy. Here's your roundup for this week:

North Carolina
   While the Democratic candidates for governor plan for their live-blog debate at BlueNC, the four candidates for Lt. Governor have participated in live debates in Asheville and Fayetteville (Part 1, Part 2). Three of the four have agreed to a live-blog debate at BlueNC.

   Obama Ad For Utah

   BREAKING: FTA Rejects Metro to Dulles Project BREAKING: FTA Rejects Metro to Dulles ProjectBREAKING: FTA Rejects Metro to Dulles Project

   desmoinesdem ponders why Iowa has never sent a woman to Congress or elected a woman governor.

   Third-district congressional candidate Ashwin Madia has hit the airwaves ahead of precinct caucuses -- read about his ad

   jonwil documents the atrocity known as the Alabama Republican Congressional delegation.

   Real eminent domain reform has qualified for the ballot, not the Hidden Agendas the right-wing groups are trying to get past the state so that they can ban rent control.

New Jersey
   RUN D.M.C. rocks the New Jersey Statehouse.

   Iowa Republican fundraising is even worse than national

   Republican Gov. Dave Heineman is pushing for a super-sized corporate welfare package costing the state more than $60,000 for each job created.

   The Heather Ryan controversy exploded in the KY blogosphere this week, yet the mainstream media was AWOL. Newly elected Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear is apparently taking a pass on making a strong challenge to Mitch McConnell this year, in order to placate a big donor.

New Mexico
   New Mexico Second Congressional Candidate Bill McCamley writes about a true chance for change from the disastrous politics of Rove and governing of Bush.

South Dakota
   Clinton vs. Obama: Tom Daschle Weighs In Clinton vs. Obama: Tom Daschle Weighs In Clinton vs. Obama: Tom Daschle Weighs In

   Mark Udall goes to Afghanistanand finds things are not what the Administration says. Mark's running for Senate this year, too! Governor Bill Ritter urges the use of paper ballots this year after most of Colorado's voting machines were decertified just a few weeks ago.

West Virginia
   The perennial question of West Virginia teacher pay kicks off a lively debate.

   State Senate President Mike Miller meets the bloggers.

   Last words on the Michigan presidential primary - how the delegates are awarded

   At Uppity Wisconsin mal contends writes about US Attorney Stephen Biskupic and his transgressions that could potentially be prosecuted under the Federal Criminal Code.

   At AZNetroots they catch John Shadegg exploiting a campaign finance loophole.

   Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell endorses Hillary Clinton.

   At Washblog they're discussing how to increase the power of Progressives.

   In Connecticut the leglislature will hold public hearings on optical scan elections.

   At Green Mountain Daily there's a discussion about a case where religion has crept into the public schools and it may have been going on for years.

   In Georgia, flackattack takes a look at what happens when you ignore electability and is ready to be convinced to vote for "your candidate". Anybody want to give it a shot?

   At Burnt Orange Report they take a look at what Democrats have to do to take back the Texas House.