7 months after exoneration, Henry McCollum still awaits pardon...

We would like to think that Henry McCollum and Leon Brown are unique. Surely, it is unusual for blameless men to be sentenced to death and imprisoned for 30 years, despite shockingly weak evidence.

Unfortunately, McCollum and Brown seem to be joining a crowd of individuals exonerated after serving 30+ years on death row.

Seven months after their release from prison, McCollum and Brown are still waiting for Gov. Pat McCrory to grant them a pardon of innocence and the $750,000 in state compensation that they are due. Why the delay Governor McCrory?



Thank you so much

for the work you folks do. I just heard on the radio another state (can't remember which one) is switching to Nitrogen Asphyxia (or something along those lines). Which entails putting a mask on somebody and pumping nitrogen into their lungs until they die. Which is supposed to be more humane than other methods, something that made me laugh outloud when I heard it on the radio.

Oh, and it doesn't require an MD to be present. Like we're supposed to be relieved a doctor isn't required. SMFH.