80,000 North Carolinians

Over the past few days the US Senate campaigns have put out a number of endorsements. But I wanted to make sure that everyone knew about two that are near and dear to my heart. This week Cal gained the endorsements of two organizations that represent almost 80,000 North Carolina voters.

We started the week off with the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The Teamsters represent 13,000 workers across North Carolina. For the Teamsters, the choice was clear.

Claude Gray, Local 391 President:

“Cal is the only candidate in this race with a comprehensive plan to create jobs and restore the economy and crack down on bad trade deals that have sent too many jobs overseas. Our members were impressed with his detailed plans to fight China's unfair trade policies, renegotiate bad trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA, and stop rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas.”

The trade policy that the Teamsters were so impressed by is available here.

But then we followed that up with an even bigger organization, the North Carolina Association of Educators. The NCAE should be well known to everyone, representing 65,000 teachers, education support personnel, students and retired teachers.

From Sheri Strickland, NCAE President:

“Cal Cunningham is clearly the candidate who will fight for public education in North Carolina as a U.S. Senator. Cal and his wife Elizabeth not only trust North Carolina educators on education issues, they trust North Carolina educators with preparing their children for the 21st century. With ESEA reauthorization, Race to the Top, and privatization all being considered by policymakers in Washington, D.C., we need Cal Cunningham now more than ever.”

Cal’s policy on education is available here.

Please, join the Teamsters and the NCAE and help out Cal’s campaign. There are just a few short hours left until the end of the quarter!


Recent polling results in this race

Best I can find on polls taken between Elaine, Cal and Ken are about how they match up against "No Show" right now..well, as of Mar. 17th. There's bound to be something more recent. Elaine shows up as being the "least behind" against Burr, then Cal, then Ken.

Possibly someone with a little better expertise than I can find something more recent.