ActBlue Launches a Blog

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With as many friends as ActBlue has in the Democratic blogging community, it's about time we joined the party with a blog of our own. So today we are launching our official ActBlue Blog where we look forward to bringing our donors, candidates, campaigns, fundraisiers, and bloggers interesting resources, analysis, tips, and other information to more effectively raise funds to elect Democrats!

Here's just a sampling of things you can expect to see-

  • Case Studies on some of the most creative ways ActBlue has been used
  • Analysis on how and why people donate
  • State Reports that highlight successful state level campaigns
  • Tips & Tricks about ways to use ActBlue you may not have known about
  • Page of the Week where we will highlight our favorite fundraising strategies
  • Monthly ActBlue Zeitgeist to explore trends, patterns, and other cool stuff
  • Major Series where we will explore how we are most relevant to your efforts in fundraising

This week I'll be cross-posting some content from our blog as a way to introduce it to our friends in the online community. Tomorrow we'll be releasing our version of a case study on the Secretary of State Project (which I was a blogger for last year before being hired by ActBlue). Later in the week I'll introduce you to successful state level fundraising efforts by blogging communities and local organizations.

Our posts will strive to be informative and useful while maintaining the Democratic grassroots values which have driven us for the last two and a half years. We encourage you to subscribe to our RSS feed or sign up to receive new posts via e-mail to keep up with our latest posts (both available at

Much of the growth for ActBlue and the netroots in the next 2 years will be at the state level. Hopefully I'll be able to work with you to enable more successes in the statehouse while we work to expand our DC majority. If you have thoughts or questions, please leave me a comment!


Calling campaign finance

lawyers. ActBlue has expanded into state level fundraising. They want to do so here, but need some good lawyer help.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Thanks for the call to action

If there are any other there that may help us navigate the NC waters, drop a line to


Thanks for bringing this to our attention . . . you can count on us (me, anyway) to push Act Blue onto the radar of state candidates. I've already met with a couple of high-profile office-seekers who hadn't even heard of Act Blue. By this time next year, not only will they hear of it . . . they'll also consider it one of their secret weapons in combating the Party of Greed.

Good job . . . and keep up the good work!


PS I am a giant Act Blue fan and am thrilled to see this!

Of course

While we aren't active yet in NC for state candidates we would *love* to do so. We can help all federal candidates right now (feel free to have them get in touch with us at campaigns@actblue-dot-com). We're trying out a workaround at the moment for some executive races in Kentucky (where we are not active on a state level yet either) which may result in a workaround for other similar states. But all in all, we'd love to be able to move directly to getting all the legal wrangling figured out to just hit NC full on! You have a very cool state party chair which should help.

This is great

We have a couple of Fed Candidates that blog here, one in particular that needs to get in touch with you. I believe Larry Kissell already uses ActBlue. Your doing a great service for all Dems, thanks!

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Progressive Discussions


IF ActBlue cant set up for direct donations we could set up a BlueNC PAC, raise money for it online and then distribute it out. Its easier than you would think.

However, I would rather see ActBlue get in on the act here. I have been meaning to email Jerry but am a little busy.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

ActBlue has fundraising pages

for NC Legislative candidates, though. They had them up for 2006, anyway. You Lege candidates out there ... check it out. ActBlue is powerful.

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