After dark

I'm steamed and you should be too. Pat McCrory's letter to raise PAC money - a close up view of political sausage making if there ever was one - is being mostly ignored. By the media, and by conservatives who say they value small-d democracy.

In case you haven't seen it, the letter closes in a pretty amazing fashion:

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you or your company representatives at your convenience.


Pat McCrory



Lobbyist 2

Have you ever seen a more grotesque display of how corporate influence works?



Does anyone know what this number means in the url for this comment?

That's just under the number of times

my ex-wife has called to remind me why I haven't remarried. ;)

I think it's the number of (total) comments on this blog, which is un-fricking-believable. Congratulations to the founders of BlueNC. :)

The thing that bothers me most about that letter

is the way the "employees" are being thanked for their contributions. If the employees really were donating to his campaign, shouldn't their names, addresses and occupation be attached to the funds? It looks like this is a plea for a corporate handout. Or do they really just pass a hat around?

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