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Anti-Worker AFP Rally with Sen Burr today

Sen Burr was in Raleigh today helping Art Pope and the Americans for Prosperity attack unions and the Employee Free Choice Act.

I twittered it:

At first they did a good job of pretending like they were trying to ensure that workers get a fair choice to join a union, but about a third of the way through they dropped the charade and started full on attacking union workers and workers trying to join a union. Someone speaking in between Bob Orr and Sen Burr called all unions "fascists." They actually had a professional "union avoidance" consultant speak, and promoted his services to anyone in the crowd that needed some freelance union busting.

Sen Richard Burr's Face

Here is a picture of Richard Burr's face as he tells WRAL why he has come to Raleigh to attack workers just days after the NAACP's historic HK on J march in support of workers' rights.

Click here and here for photos of Burr at the Art Pope Fest Americans for Prosperity rally.


Gives me the creeps, to tell you the truth.

Bob Orr?

I guess he's sold his soul back to the Puppetmaster. Sad.

Sponge Bob Again James!

I guess he's sold his soul back to the Puppetmaster. Sad.*James

What makes you think he had a soul the first time?


Now you're really creepin' me out.

Sorry. That wasn't nice.

What I said was fun, but not nice. It might even have been good, who knows.

Sorry Art and Richard. I'm going to stop making fun of you. My bad.

Photo of Sen Burr and Art Pope! Sound reveal?

Okay Burr, you take out the 2 black dudes to the left and I will run the ball right up the middle to Chapel Hill and seize control of it, before the Union votes North Carolina back into the United States....* Art on cold day in Raleigh

Same reaction

I'm sitting here thinking, would it take a freakin' miracle for the Democratic Party to clean up this mess swiftly and openly?

Short of that, the leadership is simply training us ... people like me ... to discount what they say about change.

Might even be a millipede.

So he lied

to the Illinois House impeachment panel, and in the U.S. Senate Confirmation hearing.

Better to find out now than after a year or two of votes, but his ass needs to be booted out of the Senate, muy pronto.