Alcoa turning up heat in Stanly County?

After all that has happened, it's hard to believe Alcoa has a snowball's chance in hell of closing their deal to control one of North Carolina's great rivers.

But with Thom Tillis calling the shots in Raleigh, any kind of political scam you can imagine is truly possible.

Vigilance is the order of the day.


How can anyone go out and get

How can anyone go out and get a video professionally produced to slam a company for creating jobs in this economy?

Fact finding - Alcoa never has and never will CONTROL the Yadkin River, they run a hydroelectric project on it, subject to many terms, limits, and oversights provided by both state and federal agencies. I don't know if they've got a snowball's chance in hell. FERC rejected Stanly County's arguments in 2008. The State Legislature soundly defeated the Yadkin River Trust legislation more than a year ago. A hydroelectric project has never, in the entire history of this country, had its license taken over. I think their opposition is beating a dead horse, and turning away jobs in the process.

Nice try at spinning it, though. Richard Morgan?