ALIPAC.US Wasn't Paying Taxes Until After I Turned Them In to the Tax Man!

Until April 2008, according to ALIPAC.US's own reports to the federal election commission, zero payroll taxes were paid and zero income taxes withheld from wages of the President, William Gheen, and treasurer.

In the second quarter of 2008, on $13,500 in wages ALIPAC paid in taxes or withheld income taxes from wages totaling $9,211.36 for an astounding 68%. If you back out an apparent fine or penalty of $5,000 the percentage drops to 31%.

Here's a link to ALIPAC.US s Q2 financial report schedule B, which by law must include every disbursement:

Here's Q1 of 2008, which also shows payroll but no disbursements for taxes:

Here's the second half of 2007, again no employer taxes paid or income taxes withheld:

And here ALIPAC.US is refusing to comply with federal law requiring certain donor information for contributions over $200:

ALIPAC.US claims they're for the 'rule of law' but apparently they're for the 'rule of law' only when it applies to immigrants!

ALIPAC.US also banks at Branch Banking and Trust, which is on their boycott list. In other words, at the same time they are asking the public not to bank at BB&T, Bank of America, etc., ALIPAC banks there! You can find disbursements for service fees, etc. in their FEC reports.

What a bunch of hypocrites!



Good job!

Jesus Swept, this December

ALIPAC Has Problems Following the 'Rule of Law'

ALIPAC.US has been through FOUR treasurers in it's short history, and the financial irregularities are numerous. Here's a summary of treasurers and problems with the FEC:

Brian Wert, Treasurer (9/9/04)

Franky S. Lee becomes new treasurer (1/31/05)

Mid-year report filed (7/11/05)
Items to note:
Franky Lee paid himself a salary of $250 (but at this point Gheen was unpaid and had loaned money to ALIPAC.US - I wonder if Gheen approved of a paid treasurer when the president received no salary and was owed money?)
Paid Joy Maria Lee (at same address as Franky Lee) a salary of $250 (Did Gheen approve this?)

Amended mid-year report filed (7/18/05) by Franky Lee
Reports another $250 paid to Joy Maria Lee (Did Gheen approve this?)

"Termination" report filed by Franky Lee on 7/15/05
Joy Marie Lee paid $250 again
Franky Lee paid $250 again
Salvation Army receives the balance of ALIPAC.US treasury, $1,317.79! (Obviously Gheen did not approve of the donation because he demanded the Salvation Army return the money)

Daryl Jurbala becomes treasurer (7/15/05)

Amended report filed 8/20/05 filed by Daryl Jurbala
States termination report was "in error." Apparently the previous treasurer terminated ALIPAC.US!!!! (i.e. the word "Error" is more spin).

Year end 2005 report filed 1/30/06
The Salvation Army returned $1,317.79 (I have a letter confirming Gheen claimed the donation was "not authorized" and demanding return of the donation)
Gheen starts receiving a monthly salary of $500 in 9/05 (I guess if the treasurer and his wife (?) got a salary then Gheen deserved one too!)

FEC writes ALIPAC.US pointing out basic math mistakes in year end 2005 report. ALIPAC.US's numbers didn't add up to total given!

Amended 2005 year end report filed, correcting mistakes in previous

4/17/06 filed April quarterly

5/26/06 FEC demands corrections to April quarterly report
Numerous math mistakes made, addresses left out, etc.

April quarterly amended to fix basic math mistakes

8/14/07 FEC demands that ALIPAC.US file their mid-year report, which is late, and threatens civil penalties

8/16/07 FEC files notice of failure to file

9/4/07 Mid-year report due 7/30/07 finally filed correctly.

10/1/07 Statement of organization - new treasurer "Jo" Patterson

10/3/07 Statement of organization re-filed. First statement was in error!

1/31/08 Year end 2007 report filed

3/19/08 FEC demands missing information from contributors, and questions administrative expenses, pointing out that goods and services provided without cost are in-kind contributions (i.e. isn't Willie's home office an in-kind contribution?)

4/16/08 FEC repeats it's demand for contributor information and reporting of in-kind contributions and administrative expenses (i.e. office rent)

4/17/08 ALIPAC.US filed amended 2007 mid-year report, again with missing contributor information.

4/17/08 ALIPAC.US whines to FEC about how it's donors don't want to comply with federal law!

4/22/08 ALIPAC.US whines to FEC about how it's donors don't want to comply with federal law!

5/16/08 ALIPAC.US whines to FEC about how it's donors don't want to comply with federal law!

7/30/08 Another FEC demand. Again there is missing contributor information and the report was not signed by their designated treasurer (Jane vs. Jo?).

8/12/08 ALIPAC.US filed amended 2007 mid-year and year end reports and 2008 April quarter and mid-year reports, again with missing contributor information.

8/13/08 More ALIPAC.US whining to the FEC about contributor failure to follow the 'rule of law.'

When will these people understand that illegal is illegal?
What part of "illegal" don't they understand?