Allowing Greensboro's voters a referendum a "dealbreaker" for GOP

The blatant abuse of power is breathtaking:

The revised bill emerged in the House on Wednesday afternoon in the form of a conference report. It was written by a joint House-Senate committee that wasn’t fully formed until Tuesday afternoon.

Hardister said Wednesday that he sent word to the conference committee that he wanted the bill to include a referendum. “The referendum was a deal-breaker for a majority of the conference committee. I floated it.” The result, he said, was a compromise. “You don’t get everything you want in the legislative process.”

Pretty sure the voters in Greensboro would say "You don't get anything you want in the Legislative process." The most dumbfounding aspect of this story: Republicans feel justified in taking these abusive steps exactly because Greensboro residents would never approve them. How is that for absurdity? "This is the only way we can make this happen, so it is by default a 'legitimate' action." And you're right, it's straight out of George Orwell.



What a bunch of arrogant,

What a bunch of arrogant, fucking cowards. Unfortunately, not even this gross overstep will trigger the necessary backlash.

It's a badge of honor

Most of these GOP legislators are safely ensconced in a gerrymandered district, and a lot of their constituents live in the surrounding county and harbor animus towards "liberal elite" city dwellers. They couldn't give a shit if democracy is thwarted for some, as long as they are left alone.

A sad state of affairs all around.


Steve, you have described it to a tee.

The bullies are in fine form

The newest iteration of Trudy Wade's nightmare bill was voted down 50-53, but the arm-twisting continues:

After a heated debate that featured accusations of deception and Senate coercion, the N.C. House voted 50-53 against legislation that would change how the Greensboro City Council is elected.

Blust said he recognized some House Republicans would support the changes to avoid retaliation from the Senate, where many of them hope to get their bills passed this session. He alluded to arm-twisting from Senate Republicans on the issue.

“The Senate was so adamant about this, and everyone has business before the Senate that you care about and are working on hard,” Blust said. “Most of you do not represent Greensboro, and I bet 95 percent do not care about this issue. It’s been monumentally difficult from that standpoint.”

After the bill was voted down, opponents in the gallery burst into applause. House Speaker Tim Moore quickly gaveled them down. “That will not be tolerated,” he said.

The bill might not be dead yet. Shortly after the vote, Republican leaders paused the session and called for a caucus meeting – fueling speculation that the bill might return.

We'll see if those dissenting Republicans still have a spine after this caucus meeting.

And the bullies win

Bill passes 57-46 after a closed-door threatfest.

I'm taking a walk, be back when I've put Evil Steve to rest...

It is time for Trudy Wade to

It is time for Trudy Wade to ante up, and tell us exactly who asked her to submit this bill.