Announcing Live Blog with U.S. Senate Candidate Elaine Marshall

On Wednesday, November 18 at 7:00 p.m. we will have a live blog discussion with U.S. Senate candidate, Elaine Marshall. We are lucky that James was able to get this set up in the middle of all the frantic activity surrounding the healthcare debate and the on again, off again candidacies of others. Please mark your calendars and keep your eyes open for some background posts and a question thread.


Thank you, James!

Unlike the DSCC, I am excited to have two strong candidates running for Senate. We've heard from Kenneth Lewis and now have a chance to hear from Elaine Marshall.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That is great news

I second that thanking of James =)

I have a class that runs into the evening a little bit on Wednesdays so I may miss the event, but I look forward to the opportunity to leave a question or two in the question thread.

I favor Elaine

In 2010, Burr can be beat but it will take a very special kind of candidate and I truly believe that Elaine Marshall is that candidate. My intention is to work for her to first win in the primary then to show Burr for what he truly is. Lewis is no lightweight, of course, but Elaine is a proven winner and has an exceptional background.

It is just my take on this.

Right Stuff

I believe Elaine has the right stuff after listen to her speak, she has the passion and abilities
to lead this state to places we have not been before in growth and prosperity! We need to change NC for the 21st Century with new leadership in the Senate! / blog / comments.