Another annoying history lesson by Rob Christensen

Dude, you're killing me:

The whole business of mass firings in state government pretty much began with the election of Democrat Kerr Scott in 1948, a Jacksonian figure who beat the more conservative machine. North Carolina was a one-party state then so this was factional Democratic warfare.

“Virtually every appointive department head in state government, and many in subordinated positions, was given his walking papers by Kerr Scott,’’ wrote James H. Pou Bailey, a conservative columnist and later a Superior Court judge. “Whether the man had done a good job in office made little difference. More important was whether he had supported Kerr Scott for governor.”

What the holy hell does Kerr fricking Scott have to do with 21st Century Republican machinations? I know why he did this, because he feels compelled to show off his shiny time machine, and how it can go back farther in time than anybody else's. I just don't know why he thinks its relevant, or why he doesn't just go all the way back to the Wilmington Massacre. Or even this far back (quoting myself from Facebook): "What the Democrats don't seem to want to discuss, is how the Visigoths marched right into the Senate demanding gold, and casually relieved themselves right there on the marble floor!" Seriously, using dust-covered history as an excuse or rationalization for bad deeds is about a immature as you can get.



What he neglects to mention ...

... is that the Federal government suffered from this problem until well after the Civil War, with positions used as "spoils" by the ruling party.

This started changing in 1883, with the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act and subsequent laws that made Federal jobs career-oriented and competitive, divorced from the back and forth, tit-for-tat politics of the day.

If the Republicans aren't talking about reforming state jobs in a similar way, they can just STFU.

You just can't honestly explain the hiring differences allowed

to the 3 most recent governors, 300 for Perdue, 1,500 for McCrory, 400 for Cooper. McCrory was allowed to fire hundreds of career professionals from state agencies (or make them so uncomfortable that they quit) and replace them with political hacks who have now been allowed to burrow into their roles as newly minted career employees who can delay, deny, defer, and sabotage any action from Cooper while hiding behind their newly protected status.

Example of dishonest explanation:

David Lewis recorded a bullshit video for his constituents, in which he said something like, "We gave Governor Cooper more positions than Pat McCrory had when he became Governor." No mention of the 1,500 number, just that bullshit talking point. His constituents should roast him alive for that, but they won't.

you are wrong

I am one of David Lewis' constituents and he will / is being taken to task. He stopped serving the citizens of Harnett County years ago.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Good news

That level of dishonesty needs some serious pushback.

Cooper will get rid of them

When some of these embedded Republicans find their jobs involve picking up dog shit on the governor's lawn, they'll resign soon enough.