Another charter school circles the drain

And this one just might set a record for the fastest failure:

Another Charlotte Charter school is in trouble. Entrepreneur High School opened its doors August 2014 and less than a year later it could close. The state has cited the school for multiple violations. The school is more than $402,000 in debt, it doesn't meet the state enrollment standards for charter schools, and school leadership fired the school's founder and principal, Dr. Han Plotseneder.

"It's been a hot mess," NC Charter School Advisory Board member Becky Taylor said. "It's been really bad and it's embarrassing to see this situation get here this quickly."

What's missing from this story is how many taxpayer dollars got wasted in the process. I'm assuming that x number of children were enrolled for classes in the Fall, and the school received some state/local dollars per pupil as a result. Leaving that out of the story is a huge fail. If the reporter(s) asked and that information was withheld, that should be part of the story, too. If anybody reading this knows, post it in the comments, please. In the meantime, I'll grab my digging tools.



From the looks

of this application, a whole lot of taxpayer dollars have likely already been lost.

All this free market voodoo

All this free market voodoo needs to be done with free-market dollars, not government spending. I am sick to death of this fucking bullshit.

If charter schools are so

If charter schools are so great, why didn't the free market finance them on their own dime??

Those tax dollars weren't wasted

They were stolen. And we may never know how and where they were spent. It's a crime.