Another NC-11 Challenger: Clyde Michael Morgan

Check out his website, which is far more blunt about difficult issues than a serious candidate's web site ought to be (as in "If you are against abortions - don't have one"). You'll also find spots left open on this page for "SOME VETERANS SITE" and "ANOTHER VETERANS SITE." Still haven't found the right veterans, Mr. Morgan? (See also "SOME ABORTION LINK" here.)

Thanks to RealValues for the heads-up. I agree with RV that this guy doesn't seem to be running a serious campaign, but I'm sure it will be an interesting one. Stay tuned.



Michael Morgan

I agree with the above comment that Mr. Morgan tends to be blunt but I believe he is a VERY serious Progressive candidate and I appreciate his directness. Like millions of Americans I am sick to death of slimy 'politics as usual'. Like never before in the history of our Republic, I believe we need plain spoken, honest and patriotic people with some common sense. I am supporting Mr. Morgan and I hope others will recognize we have to be able to hear the truth, bluntly if necessary, instead of all the slick propaganda spewing forth from the more 'polished' candidates.

Morgan's natural law platform would eliminate him

Morgan's own platform on gun control would have eliminated him,
he would never have served time for the "manslaughter" of his wife's boyfriend.

Read what he prescribes for criminals and mentally ill -
good old prairie justice, the wild west prevails:

"Natural law dictates that criminals and the mentally unstable must be removed from a healthy society just like you would remove a cancerous tumor to keep it from destroying the whole body. If everybody started carrying a gun again and using it immediately when needed, there would be a rash of killings for about 6 months (possibly less.)

By then the incorrigibles and the unable-to-learn would be eliminated and would no longer be a problem. It is simply impossible to successfully rob a convenience store if everybody in the store, at the gas pump, in the parking lot and on the street has a gun, too, and is willing to use it. Our society has abdicated our natural right to self-defense in favor of an unrealistic expectation of protection and justice from a corrupt, inefficient and inept police and (in)justice system. "