Anti-Perdue Signs at RJReynolds Corporate HQ

Anti-Perdue signs at RJReynolds Tobacco HQ

Tired of getting kicked in both Raleigh and DC this week, R J Reynolds Tobacco Co allowed employees to post signs of frustration on the ground floor of corporate Headquarters in downtown Winston-Salem. The object of their collective ire? Governor Beverly Perdue.

Anti-Bev Perdue signs at RJReynolds HQ

Anti-Perdue signs at RJReynolds Tobacco corporate HQ


The company line

Having lived a block away from this building for the last ten years, I'll say that these signs are very unusual. It also seems unlikely that they went up without clearance from the corporation (as you can tell, they're taped to the INSIDE of the lobby windows).

Why Perdue?

I guess maybe they figure Perdue is Queen of the Universe and is single-handedly responsible for the Second Great Depression.

Maybe they're so used to working in a culture of lying that they can't tell the difference between real-life governing and the mysterious hand of the magical marketplace?

They can't very well take it out on Hagan

After her good-sport FDA vote this week. And they've got too much ($196,850) invested in Burr.

Employee turnover

I'm sorry that these folks work for a company whose products cause cancer and other diseases (however legally). But they can take their destinies into their own hands! If they aggressively use their own products (as their marketing suggests their customers should do), then all lost positions can be covered not by layoffs, but by attrition!


true, but if Bev and the other idiots keep raise taxes on cig's, and sales keep going down and down, till no one is smoking in NC what will NC do with the tax money form no sales of cig's I guess they will have to find something else to tax to death,,, maybe they will finally tax emails and text messages..

If Bev had a brain she would have ask to lower the cig' tax and vote the no smoking in bar law.. sale would have went up and the state would have gotten more tax money.. Taxing the people to death isn't going to help the budget at all.. I bet she won't see a second term

but as usual they cut education first.. then they wounder why kids are failing in college...

Bev Perdue a very big mistake for NC,,

You make an excellent case

for more and better public education.

Lower taxes...

might be a good idea. I wish our state would abolish the state sales tax and create a more progressive income tax system. I believe this would stimulate economic growth and create jobs, while helping the folks who need tax relief the most, the working class.

I am not a big fan of Governor Perdue because I feel she lacks the innovative spirit needed to lead during tough times. She is a product of the old guard in Raleigh and unfortunately, will only look to the same ole wornout arguments regarding problem solving.

Considering the many evil maneuvers

that were taken by RJR and other tobacco companies engaged in to assure that smokers were free basing tobacco when they smoked, and considering that part of their sales pitch to other countries that they lobbied to get their product exported to was to explain to those governments, in detail, how much shorter the lifespans of smokers is likely to be and how how much money that would save governments...I say let those jobs vanish into thin air. Do for the hourly workers what was done for the factory workers, retrain them with new job skills.