Arizona-style GOP "audit" clown show coming to NC

You've no doubt read about the bogus "audit" going on in Arizona to "find more votes" for Trump in a state he lost. It's basically performative politics that's really only designed to spread misinformation and mistrust of our election process (and roll in dollars for the unqualified firm conducting the audit).

The Daily Beast (via Raw Story, if you don't subscribe) has a piece this morning on GOP legislators from other states hanging out in Arizona to see how they can organize similar efforts in their own state, including states Trump won.

Highlighted in the piece are rumblings by NC House Representative Keith Kidwell from the state's 79th District about an audit here. Even though Trump won NC, Kidwell, in a Carolina Journal article, is focused on vague concerns about voting machines that connect to the Internet and mysteriously disappearing votes, implying some menacing conspiracy theory. According to the Daily Beast, NC Republicans are also wanting to look into a bogus claim promulgated by a right-wing blog about "strange food trucks at polling places".

Combined with existing efforts to disenfranchise voters - closing pollling places in minority neighborhoods, restricting voter hours, voter ID, and other efforts - along with efforts to create Republican goon squads to "observe" polling places and intimidate voters, this new effort is just another in a long list of Jim Crow voting practices the NC GOP is trying to reintroduce into our state.

If you give them an inch on this, you may not have the opportunity to cast a legitimate vote ever again.



Kidwell is a nutter

Both a Gun-nutter and a Trump-nutter:

Once that wood grip is re-attached, you won't be able to see Trump's signature...