Art Pope to Boylan: I OWN YOU

In the wake of Art Pope's victory over Richard Morgan in District 52, a new Puppet joins the show! Hair salon owner Joe Boylan, now officially on the Puppetmaster's short leash, will be carrying all kinds of water for his evil master. And just in case you have any doubt about what really happened, let me summarize it for you.

1. North Carolina Republicans value party loyalty over effective government.

2. Art Pope wants to be king of the Old North State.

3. Money matters. The Puppetmaster hand-picked an unknown hair stylist in Golfland and poured $100,000 into helping him win the primary. I at least hope Art will get some better haircuts out of the deal.

From the Observer:

In toppling Morgan, who is speaker pro tem of the House, Republicans likely ended the era of a bipartisan coalition leading that legislative body. Morgan heads a dissident GOP group that has allied with Democrats to control half of the General Assembly since 2003. His defeat adds uncertainty to the leadership of a General Assembly session starting next week with House Speaker Jim Black, a Matthews Democrat, accused of breaking state campaign law and his office under investigation by federal authorities.

Morgan's downfall gives House conservatives a stronger grip on the party's legislators and agenda.

"It's a tremendous step toward bringing the party together," said Art Pope, a former legislator and Raleigh millionaire who funded efforts to defeat Morgan.

There you have it. A tremendous step in bringing the party together. Not a tremendous step in providing good governance to the state. Not a tremendous step in finding our common ground and our common good. Not a tremendous step in serving the people of North Carolina. A tremendous step in bringing the Republican party together.

Boylan said his victory signals voters want a representative who will dance to the Puppetmaster's tune listens to them. "It's a referendum on politicians who get into office and forget who they represent," Boylan said.

I don't know what Morgan plans next, but I hope he'll run as an unaffiliated candidate in the fall and drag another couple of hundred thousand dollars from Art Pope's coffers. Not that the Puppetmaster will care. He's got unlimited money and he's willing to flush it all to get his way.


Ha Ha Hood

I see that John Hood, the Stage Manager in Art Pope's Puppetshow, is declaring yesterday's squeaker a "blow out victory for conservatives." Which is what you HAVE to say when you're on the Puppetmaster's payroll.

The truth is this: Art Pope's illegal intrusion into local elections was a shameful day for North Carolina politics. These election results say nothing about conservatives in this state, unless you're talking about conservatives in the pocket of the Puppetmaster. On the contrary, it says everything about the toxic influence one rich egomaniac can have.

You can get off your knees now, John.

There's a potential progressive upside here

Say that the Republicans who upset Republican incumbents win in the fall and the Republican minority lurches to the right. They will be less likely to participate in the business of governing with the Democratic majority. That leaves the fight for the common good more in the hands of the party better able to win it.

Which is another good reason to keep the majority.


That race in Chatham was definitely a highlight of last night. Warms my heart to see developers' lapdogs kicked out of office like that.

Is there anyway we can link Vermin to Pope?'s fun just thinking about Art Pope getting sullied by an association with someone as slimey as Robinson.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.