The Art Pope Digest

Rob Christensen must have a thing for Art Pope. Why else would he go out of his way to make a glowing report on another fundraising event the Puppetmaster is holding for the North Carolina Party of Torture?

Former state Rep. Art Pope is hosting a fundraiser next week to help Republicans regain control of the state House, bringing together the two warring factions in the GOP. The special guests at the event include two of his political rivals -- former House Speaker Harold Brubaker of Asheboro and state Rep. Danny McComas of Wilmington. Two Pope allies -- Reps. Leo Daughtry of Smithfield and Ed McMahan of Charlotte -- are also listed as special guests.


Pope, a wealthy Raleigh businessman, has financed an independent campaign that criticizes the faction of the GOP that formed a power-sharing agreement with House Democrats. The feud has divided the state GOP in recent years.

Such bullshit. What the wealthy businessman has actually done is intervene on the into the legislative primary process in order to get kool-aid-drinking wackos elected in his party.

But what I really don't understand is why all the sucking up to the Puppetmaster by Christensen? Pope is just another rich guy selling out his truest conservative principles in hopes of gaining control of the legislature. We call that whoring back where I come from.

Another Pope fundraiser! How exciting to see his "multi-million-dollar opinion-manufacturing" machine grinding out such juicy propaganda! I can totally get why the stenographers still go all gushy every time the Puppetmaster moves.




Obviously the event was listed "Under the Dome" newsworthy because it related to Art Pope but the news is all subtext. The N&O is telling other political reporters and politicos that it knows what's going on (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) but fails the average reader by not explaining the irony or examining why Art Pope needs to raise money ala Jim Black. By "Dome" they mean Art Pope's Dome