Art Pope, the Koch Brothers, and their defense of polluters

Spending big bucks attacking environmental heroes:

The same day it donated to the RGA, Sept. 16, Variety Stores also gave $400,000 to the Freedom Partners Action Fund, the super PAC of the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, which has been called the "central bank" of the Koch brothers' conservative political spending operation.

Pope's business has continued making donations this year, giving the RGA another $50,000 on June 18 and $100,000 to the Freedom Partners Action Fund the following day.

That's half a million dollars to Freedom Partners, a tidy sum even for the silver spoon-fed Arthur. While a lot of these SuperPACs hide their donors and their corporate masters very well, Freedom Partners is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch International, with a super-majority of its board actual employees of the polluting monster. They do however try to get clever with their attacks:

Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce today is announcing a new six-figure ad-buy in Oregon this week as part of its ongoing effort to hold Sen. Jeff Merkley accountable for his record. The ad, entitled “Get to Work for Oregon,” focuses on the Senator’s ineffectiveness in Washington by highlighting his failure to address rising health care costs and noting he was only able to author and pass one bill into law as a senator.

Freedom Partners spokesman James Davis issued the following statement on the ad buy:

“What does Sen. Merkley have to show for his time in Washington? Passing just one of his bills into law over a six year period shows he isn’t interested in being a leader or delivering real solutions. He voted for Obamacare, and as a result, Oregon saw the highest health care premium increases on the West Coast. And, in the aftermath of Oregon’s abysmal and expensive Obamacare rollout, instead of working to fix it, Merkley pointed fingers. Oregon families deserve more than partisan rhetoric; they deserve action. It’s time for Sen. Merkley to start putting Oregon first and keep his promises to fix Obamacare.”

Get that? It's all about Obamacare and jobs and such, but not a word about their real concern, the fact Merkley has been a thorn in the side of Big Oil polluters for a long time. From the League of Conservation Voters:

“Senator Merkley has been a true environmental champion from the very first day he arrived on Capitol Hill. He’s the only Senator to earn a 100% lifetime score on our Scorecard, and has never stopped fighting our nation’s biggest polluters. Jeff Merkley is the leader Oregon needs, and we’re proud to endorse him for re-election," said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski.

“Jeff Merkley puts Oregon first and is bringing our environmental values to Washington. He’s stood up to Big Oil and corporate polluters to help build a clean energy future that works for our state. He’s the leader Oregon families need in the US Senate,” said Oregon League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Doug Moore.

Senator Merkley has introduced legislation to increase production and use of electric vehicles, and he’s voted to end Big Oil’s taxpayer-funded subsidies. He also fought for improved fuel efficiency standards, and introduced a bill to bring Oregon-based energy efficiency efforts to the national level, helping homeowners and business owners conserve energy and save money.

Attacking lawmakers and candidates like Merkley is what Art Pope thinks is the proper use of his company's profits. If he wasn't a scion and had actually been hired to run the company, his ass would have been on the street years ago.