Atlantic Coast Pipeline now a $7.5 Billion nightmare


But that won't stop the fossil fuel industry from wreaking havoc on the environment:

The company said previously the project would cost an estimated $6.5 billion-$7.0 billion, excluding financing, and be completed in mid 2020 due to delays caused by numerous environmental lawsuits. “We remain highly confident in the successful and timely resolution of all outstanding permit issues as well as the ultimate completion of the entire project,” Dominion Chief Executive Thomas Farrell said in the company’s fourth-quarter earnings release.

He noted the company was “actively pursuing multiple paths to resolve all outstanding permit issues including judicial, legislative and administrative avenues.”

In other words, we will use our leverage in all three branches of the government to get what we want. I'm still "undecided" on the deal Governor Cooper struck, but I will say this: The move by General Assembly Republicans to grab that money and spend it on schools instead of environmental mitigation should be seen for what it is, a way to avoid school spending from the General Fund while also hurting environmental efforts. Because that's what they do, whenever they get a chance. The Mountain Valley Pipeline is also getting more expensive:

Atlantic Coast is not the only big pipeline fighting environmental groups in court over permits.

EQM Midstream Partners LP is facing similar challenges in its quest to build the Mountain Valley gas pipe from West Virginia to Virginia, which is now at least $1 billion over budget and a year behind schedule.

This dude is actually coming through my neighborhood (relatively speaking), and it's going to hug the Haw River for several miles. Meaning, if there is a substantial leak, Jordan Lake is also at risk of being contaminated. I thought that might get your attention...